Has the EU opened up too much to goods from Ukraine? Minister of Agriculture: It was a mistake

Luc Williams

Farmers’ protest

It started on Friday nationwide farmers’ protest, who blocked the roads in many places. As the Ministry of Agriculture announced in a statement, Minister Siekierski and deputy ministers went to the protesters to listen to their demands.

Minister Siekierski, who met with farmers protesting in Przyborowice in the Masovian Voivodeship, admitted – according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, that It was a mistake to open the European Union market to goods from Ukraine so much. “We will monitor the inflow of products from Ukraine. However, remember that trade, also with Ukraine, is bilateral,” added Siekierski, quoted in the ministry’s statement.

As the ministry recalled, the reasons for their protests are the unreasonable and excessive requirements of the Green Deal, excessive inflow of agri-food products from Ukraine, which make Polish products more expensive because they are produced in accordance with the standards. European Union – are uncompetitive, as well as a decrease in the profitability of agricultural production.

“I understand that farmers want all people, consumers, to learn about their problems and to realize that the problems of agriculture are the problems of all residents. We asked farmers to precisely indicate the reasons for the protests so that people understand them. I also asked farmers so that the protests are not excessively burdensome, and people need to be understanding towards farmers – we need to be reasonable,” emphasized the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

A call to end the blockades

Siekierski appealed to citizens to recognize that the situation in agriculture affects all of us as consumers, and farmers want to produce food for our good, for consumers. However, he appealed to farmers to end the blockades as soon as possible and to understand that not all problems can be eliminated immediately.

“We will not discuss specifics in the street, I invite you to talk at the ministry. I do and promise as much as is within my competences. (…) I do not want to promise something that I cannot fulfill,” emphasized Minister Siekierski and informed that the ministry will continue talks with farmers and develop specific solutions.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture reminded that negotiations are ongoing with European Commission on the elimination of requirements regarding the greening of agricultural activities, and technical talks are also underway with Ukraine. “The EC’s derogations from some requirements have already been announced, and further arrangements are still in progress. Farmers’ protests in the EU forced a change in the Commission’s attitude, thanks to which it became aware of social expectations and needs,” emphasized Minister Siekierski. (PAP)


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