Europe is increasingly dependent on LNG from the US. These countries buy the most raw material

Luc Williams

As data from the US Department of Energy show, the largest share (approximately 15 percent) in obtaining all LNG exported from the US was France.

Great Britain and Spain also recorded double-digit values. The British Isles accounted for 12 percent. American LNG exports, and 11% to the Iberian Peninsula.

European countries collectively received about 69 percent of all LNG exported by the United States by sea in 2022.

Poland among the largest LNG recipients from the USA

On the list of the largest LNG recipients from the United States, Poland was in seventh place – our share was 3.3%. Poland reduced by 126%. more raw material than in the previous year.

The increase in LNG supplies to Europe came at the expense of other partners, as the volume of LNG exported grew at a slower pace in 2021-2022 than in previous years and amounted to approximately 3.9 trillion cubic meters in 2022 compared to 3.6 trillion cubic meters in the previous year.

For example, India and South Korea received 38 and 35 percent less LNG, respectively, than in 2021.

Countries with the largest share in US exports of LNG in 2022 /

What’s next for American LNG exports?

In late January, President Joe Biden halted all approval of new U.S. LNG export plans amid intensifying protests by climate activists.

The Biden administration’s decision to halt talks on unapproved current or future LNG export requests drew the ire of the opposition, which said the decision could send mixed signals to U.S. allies in Europe that depend on those exports.


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