He wants to study? Javeriana University announces investment of more than $200 billion for scholarships and discounts

Luc Williams

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, one of the most prestigious and important educational institutions in Colombia, announced that it will allocate around 220 billion pesos for new scholarships, discounts and financial support in 2024.

The institution explained that this decision is due to its commitment to promoting academic excellence and contributing to the comprehensive training of future professionals. who, due to different circumstances, lack sufficient resources to be able to cover the entire tuition fee.

“The beneficiaries who meet the requirements established within the call will have this financial support from the first semester until the completion of the studies,” he indicated.

Likewise, the Javeriana has the so-called ‘Band and Orchestra’ scholarship, which is awarded to applicants who are admitted to pursue a degree in Musical Studies and who play string, wind and percussion instruments.

Besides, In its wide catalog of opportunities, the institution also has scholarships denominated as ‘Outstanding Baccalaureate’, ‘Outstanding Baccalaureate from ACODESI schools’ and ‘Fe y Alegría’, which are awarded for academic excellence and cover up to 80% of the tuition fee.

Different benefits for applicants and students

In addition to this, starting next semester the ‘Ada Byron’ scholarship will begin, which will cover 100% of the tuition fee until the completion of the studies by the future professional. This initiative is part of the institution’s commitment to promoting the entry of women into careers such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

These types of scholarships provide forgivable credits for master’s and doctoral programs, and also have agreements with organizations and foundations. which, through the university, support students from different sectors so that they can start, develop and successfully complete their professional career.

Among the benefits that the Javeriana has, an agreement with Lumni also stands out, which gives the possibility of financing up to 85% of the value of the race, all of this in the long term. This benefit is given to those students admitted to take the first semester, who have academic excellence and have special economic circumstances.

If the person is interested in discovering more about these benefits, they can communicate through the university’s telephone lines or obtain information through its digital channels, mainly its website, where the respective information on the multiple scholarships and discounts is found. .

It is important to note that a recent report called ‘Barriers to access and permanence in post-secondary education in Colombia’, carried out by experts from Icetex, Icfes and the Javeriana University, showed that the economy is the main reason why many young people do not They manage to continue with their studies.


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