Teaching innovation: learn about the Terpel Foundation’s commitment to transform education in the territories

Luc Williams

For almost two decades, by strengthening the capacities of teachers and implementing high-impact programs, The Terpel Foundation has contributed to the quality education of Colombians, especially those who live in areas with limited opportunities to access innovative, flexible and relevant teaching and learning tools.

“Our programs focus on developing and strengthening competencies in leadership, mathematics and language, which we consider to be the basis of learning and growth, and that promote assertive communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution,” comments Marcela Montoya, director. of the foundation.

The Terpel Foundation, as a country ally, develops and implements programs with a high innovation component and promotes creativity in the classroom with new pedagogical tools for teachers and students.

With ‘Interactive Classrooms’ it has delivered eco-friendly spaces, equipped with technological devices and tools, to educational institutions in the municipalities of Providencia, Cumaribo, Inírida and Mitú. Through the use of tablets and augmented reality glasses, among other tools, it promotes the development of teaching strategies by teachers that strengthen classroom practices.

With ‘Design the change’ they teach students and teachers to use the design thinking strategy to solve environmental, social and economic problems in their environment. Taking into account that teachers are essential to providing quality education, the foundation focuses several of its programs on strengthening their capacities. To date, it has trained more than 36,000 teachers and teaching managers.

‘Schools that learn’® is a program that improves the basic skills in mathematics and language of primary school students, through a comprehensive intervention of the entities responsible for offering quality education: education secretaries, principals, teachers and parents of family. ‘Leader in me’® contributes to the leadership and development of socio-emotional skills of primary school children by training the team of managers and teachers in Franklyn Covey’s seven habits of effective management.

“With this comprehensive approach, in which all actors who directly and indirectly influence the learning of children and young people are positively impacted, we guarantee a sustainable transformation over time,” concludes Montoya.

Content prepared with support from the Terpel Foundation


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