Help for entrepreneurs from Marywilska starts on Thursday. Where will the experts be waiting for them?

Luc Williams

You can talk to experts from Thursday from 8.00 at the 2nd ZUS Branch at ul. Podskarbińska in Warsaw.

Help from ZUS

Those affected can benefit from assistance from the Social Insurance Institution. It is about all kinds of relief among others postponing the deadline for payment of contributions or spreading the amounts due for unpaid contributions into installments.

“So far, over 60 entrepreneurs have submitted applications for relief,” ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski told PAP.

A condition for granting relief is to submit an application to ZUS and provide the documents necessary to assess your financial situation. The forms are available at ZUS branches and on the website

“Entrepreneurs can also benefit from advisors appointed in ZUS branches. If necessary, they can help in completing and completing the necessary documents,” said Żebrowski.

FARP proposal

He pointed out that entrepreneurs who suffered losses due to the fire in the hall at ul. Marywilska 44, may additionally apply for one-time, non-refundable financial support in the amount of PLN 2,000. PLN from the Industrial Development Agency Foundation.

The Labor Office will also help

He also offered help Labor Office of the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw. Entrepreneurs can count on co-financing part of employee salaries – up to half the minimum wage for three months,” Żebrowski said.

Author: Magdalena Gronek


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