How an academic exchange can transform your university life How an academic exchange can transform your university life

Luc Williams

Few experiences are as enriching for a university student as experiencing an international exchange. The ability to explore the world, learn about other cultures, and continue to strengthen your professional resume at the same time is unmatched.

Although you have a lifetime to travel and explore the world, did you know that your university years could be the perfect time to do so? If you want to know why, join us in this article to find out about all the benefits of going on an international exchange.

And if you don't believe us, just keep reading and discover the experience of a university student like you, who managed to transform her university life from the other side of the world.

An unforgettable exchange experience

Sometimes, the best adventures begin with a simple curiosity to do something different from others, something extraordinary; This is what Robert Frost put it in his poem “The Road Not Chosen,” in which he describes that his choice to take the path less traveled in life was what “made all the difference.”

That is also the story of Elisa Alorda, an eighth semester student of the Graphic Design Degree, who had the opportunity to live an international exchange experience in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to one of the numerous agreements provided by the University of Anáhuac Querétaro, Elisa was able to study for a semester at the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing (IADE)at the Universidade Europeia de Portugal.

Preparation to experience an exchange

“Since I entered university, I knew that I wanted to go abroad because of the plans that Anáhuac had,” says the student. Her mission was very similar to that of more than 5.6 million university students globallywho dare to live an international academic exchange experience.

From Querétaro to Lisbon: learnings from an international experience

Now, if you've traveled alone, you know it can be an intimidating experience. Imagine being on the other side of the world, far from your family and friends, in a different community, and having to adapt to various culture shocks.

Each of the challenges you face abroad will become life lessons, allowing you to develop new skills and tools, and acquire a broader vision of the world and yourself.

Language adaptation: intercultural skills

For Elisa, these initial barriers, although important, faded over time: “The most important challenge for me was the language, because I did not speak Portuguese. However, little by little, I was paying attention to developing the language and being able to communicate without so many problems.”

Like the design student, those who go on exchange have the invaluable opportunity to expand their intercultural tools and skills, broaden their vision of the world and even boost their resume.

According to a AIM Overseas, 72% of recruiters think that mastery of a second or even third language is vital to success in the hiring process. Likewise, up to 76% of the students who went on exchange considered that this experience provided them with really useful tools in their job prospects, according to a study by IES Abroad.

Navigating the world: self-reliance and responsibility

Without a doubt, another of the biggest challenges when going on an international exchange is learning to live with more autonomy and assume more responsibilities.

From finding a house to live in on your own, to transporting yourself in the middle of a completely new city, students like Elisa are constantly testing their social or power skills. Specifically, the ability to solve problems effectively is, according to the survey QS Global Employer Surveyone of the skills most valuable that a graduate can have.

The result, however, is that little by little, they gain the self-confidence that they can do this and much more. “I grew a lot as a person because, if I believed that I was independent here in Mexico, there I knew that, if I had problems, I had to solve them,” says Elisa.

A home away from home: the community abroad

Despite not meeting any other Anáhuac Querétaro students in Lisbon during her exchange, Elisa found her community within IADE. “I made friends from all over, from France, Lithuania, Bulgaria; “My group was very international and I learned from the way everyone worked, and that also helped me open my mind,” says the graphic design student.

Finally, Elisa advises all university students at Anáhuac Querétaro to dare to live an international exchange experience. “Go beyond what everyone else is doing and really complement your university life, academically and culturally,” she concludes, smiling.

The exchange offer of the Anáhuac Querétaro University

Testimonials like Elisa's remind us that it is possible to have a university life that is both academically rewarding and exciting, and we want you to also have the opportunity to experience it at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro.

We have a international exchange offer very vast, with more than 100 universities around the world. Would you like to perfect another language or obtain a double degree abroad? In Anáhuac Querétaro, yes you can.

If you are ready to travel, discover and fall in love with the world, we invite you to approach the internationalization department and learn about the registration process. Every great adventure requires good preparation, so we advise you to review the requirements to participate in an international experience and be on time with deadlines.

It's time to make your university life the perfect trip; All that remains is to take the first step, are you ready?


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