They tell, live, what was behind Laura Sarabia's “self-criticism” of the Petro Government, after the marches

Luc Williams

Thousands of Colombians raised their voices in protest this Sunday, April 21, against President Gustavo Petro and the reforms he has been advancing in the Congress of the Republic. Laura Sarabia acknowledged that the marches were immense throughout the country.

“Today we must have the greatness to recognize that many people mobilized, that they did it with all the guarantees and were able to express their discontent. “This is a week that as a government we must face in reflection and self-criticism.”said the young woman.

These statements caused numerous reactions and many opponents applauded the attitude of the political scientist, who is one of the most influential people in the head of state's immediate environment. However, Miguel Uribe Turbay revealed this Monday what would be the true intention of the trill that Sarabia uploaded.

The senator from the Democratic Center spoke exclusively with , where he assured that Sarabia and the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, are in charge of lowering the aggressive tone of the national administration regarding the demonstrations.

“The president is completely unaware of the dissatisfaction with his government. “I would add something about Laura Sarabia, and what Minister Velasco said, and that is that I would not give so much value to those comments because Petro is the one in charge and not them,” stated at first.

Likewise, he emphasized: “What the two of them are doing strategically, although it has a supposed democratic value, is taking pressure off the pressure cooker. They are aware that the Government should not go out to attack, attack and offend yesterday's march. “They have to lower the tension, but I am not optimistic about Petro's reaction.”

The Bogota congressman was emphatic in saying that the head of state will continue to deny the impact that the demonstrations against him are having, which is why he finally stated in this medium that the important thing is that the message reaches the congressmen who are supporting the reforms .

“The demonstrations against the Government were strong in their order in Medellín, Bogotá and Bucaramanga. In the other cities, reaching 18 sites, they were weak. Today some expressed themselves freely, the popular forces must respond this May 1st,” the president noted.

In several videos, which went viral on social networks, you can see the number of people who mobilized in Bogotá. The images show the rivers of people who, walking, haranguing and singing, reached the Plaza de Bolívar, where nearly 180,000 citizens gathered.


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