How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico?

Luc Williams

The Christmas in Mexico is a special time for millions of families who gather to participate in various traditions. Every year, the festivities allow us to immerse ourselves in endless lights, flavors and sounds that bring us hope and remind us of the important cultural heritage of our country.

This season gives us the opportunity to promote the ties of our community and live the main values ​​of Christmas: family unionthe gratitude and the peace.

The colors of Mexican Christmas: between posadas and piñatas

From the beginning of the Christmas season, on December 16 with the posadas, until Epiphany Day on January 6, joy is breathed in the streets decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas Eve flowers.

The inns They take place over nine days in which the Catholic faithful recreate the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Each night, Families sing songs and carols about the celebration; They participate in the Christmas pastorelas and carry out activities, such as breaking the colorful piñata with seven spikes.

Filled with fruits and sweets, the piñata represents the seven deadly sins and, when broken, symbolizes the victory of faith about them, as well as the joy of living in the grace and values ​​of Christmas.

Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve is the heart of the Christmas celebration in Mexico. Every December 24, families gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, give thanks for the blessings received during the year and enjoy exquisite typical dishes around the table. Also the culinary variety in each region it is a sample of Mexican diversity and the preservation of our cultural heritage.

While in the center of the country we usually enjoy cod, romeritos and turkey; In the north, dinner is not complete without corn husk tamales; nor the south without the traditional cochinita pibil. Whatever the dish of the night, it is customary to continue the celebration by going to the pastorelas, to midnight massO well singing Christmas carols in the company of our family and neighbors.

Finally, upon returning home, the traditional toast and gift exchange take place in which people express their love and gratitude towards their loved ones.

The tradition of the Christmas Nativity

In Mexico, families usually place a Nativity scene in their homes in which the Holy Family is represented around a manger before the arrival of the baby Jesus, as well as the Three Wise Men, some shepherds and animals.

Throughout the country, The preparation of the Nativity scenes has reflected the talent and faith of artists and faithful that represent or even stage this central event of Christmas in Mexico. Whether at the door of their homes or in the neighborhood park, families dedicate the same time and devotion to preparing for the Birth., as in the rest of the festivities of the season.

Finally, tradition proposes that the figure of the baby Jesus be placed until December 25, the day when families gather once again to wish each other a Merry Christmas, Enjoy reheated food and share a moment of peace.

The values ​​of Christmas

This celebration is much more than decorating the pine tree with colored lights or eating a great feast. This festival is a living example of the values ​​of Christmas in Mexico and our tireless search for build a community where peace, unity and hope reign.

For the Anáhuac Querétaro University, these values ​​not only serve to encourage the Christmas spirit, but are true pillars that guide the vision of our entire Institution.

If you want to find out about the activities we will have to celebrate the Christmas season this year, don’t forget to keep an eye on our networks and, especially University Pastoral. You will find the schedules of the holy masses, celebrations and other ways in which we will live this moment of spirituality and community.

This year, live the Christmas spirit with us!


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