How much will the first Polish nuclear power plant cost? The government representative provided an estimated value

Luc Williams

Estimated cost of technology and construction works for the construction of a nuclear power plant it is PLN 115 billion and costs of the company's operations and accompanying investments it is approximately PLN 35 billion, he informed government plenipotentiary for energy infrastructure Maciej Bando. Detailed estimates regarding this issue are to be known next year.

Costs of building a nuclear power plant

Work is currently underway updating the consolidated schedule and draft bills regarding financing and staging in the process obtaining permits.

“We estimate that the costs of building the power plant will be approximately PLN 115 billion (technical costs, i.e. technology and construction works) plus approximately PLN 35 billion in the company's operating costs, costs of accompanying investments and the necessary reserve,” Bando said, answering questions in the Sejm.

Where to get money to finance investments

He emphasized that this is crucial completion of accompanying investmentsroad building railway lines by 2028. Their cost is estimated at approximately PLN 5 billion. The government representative reminded that the investment would take place financed with equity and debt capital.

“The government program assumes that the investment will be financed according to the structure: 30% equity capital and 70% debt capital, while at the same time specified upper limit of equity capital to the level of PLN 60 billion,” Bando emphasized. He pointed out that 70% debt is to be contracted within the international and domestic markets.

He emphasized that – in accordance with the declaration of the American side – it would be one of the main donors EXIM Bankwhich is a government institution that finances American investments abroad.

Where will the first Polish nuclear power plant be built?

Within “Polish nuclear energy program” first power plant with three reactors using the American AP1000 technology will build consortium of Westinghouse and Bechtel in location Lubiatowo-Kopalino in Pomerania.



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