What is a doctoral thesis?

What is a doctoral thesis?

Being a student at any level can be difficult and confusing, especially when you are bombed with information from everywhere you turn your head. Sometimes, even people who are actually knowledgeable in their field of study will get stuck in names and definitions and even for them it may be difficult to actually make a meaning out of all the formalities out there.

A doctoral thesis is, in general, a paper that is submitted with the purpose of obtaining a degree (in this case, a doctorate degree). In some of the places out there, the word “thesis” refers more to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (and “dissertation” refers to doctorate degrees), but in many other countries out there things are the other way around.

The word “thesis” comes from Greek and it means “something put forth”. In modern times, that “something” is nothing else than your main idea or your main thesis statement, the thing on which the entire rest of the paper will be based on or the entire rest of the paper will try to bring arguments for.

What Makes a Good Doctorate Thesis?

Universities out there may have different rules when it comes to how they give their degrees, but there are certain things all of them will agree upon when it comes to a doctorate thesis. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. That the thesis has great structure. Remember that academic writing should be, in general, very clear and very logical and that good papers are structured before they are actually written. This means that you, as a writer, will have to come up with a mind map of the things you will want to include in the paper, which will eventually help you follow a clearer structure.
  2. The language you use can be extremely important. Very often, people make the mistake e of being too creative with their thesis papers or they may the mistake of using a language that is much too stiff, even for this kind of paper.
  3. The originality of the main idea can be very important as well. Make sure that you write something that is at least approached differently than those who wrote before you and you will make for some readers that are actually interested in your work.
  4. Academic style norms are important as well. These norms include citation style, paging, fonts, and so on.