Hurricane of changes at Bank Pekao. The president and members of the management board were dismissed

Luc Williams

“The Management Board of Bank Polska Kasa Dobrze Spółka Akcyjna (…) informs that on May 8, 2024, the bank's supervisory board adopted resolutions to dismiss at the end of the day from the bank's management board: Mr. Leszek Skiba, Mr. Jarosław Fuchs, Mr. Jerzy Kwieciński, Mr. Wojciech Werochowski, Mr. Paweł Strączyński, Mr. Piotr Zborowski,” the announcement said.

The Council thanked the current members of the Management Board

It was noted that the resolutions on appeals entered into force upon their adoption. At the same time, the board thanked the current management board members for their contribution to the bank's development. “The supervisory board also adopted a resolution on open qualification proceedings for the position of president and vice-presidents of the bank's management board,” it was explained.

“The Supervisory Board delegated the following members of the Supervisory Board: 1. Mr. Robert Sochacki to temporarily perform the duties of vice-president of the management board from May 9, 2024, while entrusting the management of the work of the management board, 2. Mrs. Anna Wawrzyńczak-Palynyczak to temporarily perform the duties of vice-president of the management board from May 9, 2024 May 2024, for a period of up to three months, subject to the possibility of earlier termination of the delegation,” the announcement said.

Bank Pekao SA was established in 1929 and is currently the second largest universal bank in Poland with PLN 317 billion of assets. It has the second largest branch network and serves 6.8 million customers. Since 1998, Pekao has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank's largest shareholder with 20 percent. shares is PZU, and the second one is the Polish Development Fund with 12.80 percent.


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