Beware of shopping malls. You'll spend most of your money there

Luc Williams

The study also shows that stores in shopping centers have a very high conversion rate, which means that many customers entering the mall shop make a purchase during their visit. In most product categories, over 50% of such visits end in a purchase.

“Thanks to the study 'The scale of omnichannel behavior in shopping facilities', we gained real knowledge about how Poles spend their shopping budget. The fact that in most product categories over 60% of it goes to stores in shopping centers indicates the strength of this sector trade and its sales effectiveness. In turn, by analyzing what customers are most likely to look for and buy, the industry can even better understand their needs and tailor its offer to them,” said Marcin Klammer, managing director of PRCH, quoted in the release.

“Poles are very eager to shop in shopping centers, leaving most of their spending budget there. Depending on the product category, it ranges from 26% in the case of groceries (free-standing stores dominate here) to 78% of expenses in the case of home decor and interior furnishings. Very popular categories purchased in shopping centers also include footwear and leather accessories (69%), clothing (68%), sports and electronics (66% each). This clearly shows how important and strong the position of stationary retail is. and especially shopping centers, bringing together the best brands under their roofs and creating shopping destinations that are still strong and play a significant role in omnichannel trade,” added Przemysław Dwojak, Senior Director at GfK.

Why Poles buy in shopping malls

Most customers asked about shopping in shopping centers appreciate the opportunity to see, check and try on the goods before purchasing them. This was indicated as an advantage of shopping in a shopping center by 63% of respondents. The respondents also drew attention to the wide offer at various price levels (45%) and the convenience and efficiency of shopping in shopping malls (42%).

The study proves the high effectiveness of shopping centers as a sales channel. In most product categories, over 50% of customer visits to a stationary store end with a purchase. The clear leaders in this respect are products from the health and beauty category (75%), children's products (70%) and clothing (64%).

“The results of the study 'The scale of omnichannel behavior in shopping facilities' also indicate that approximately 40,000 stores located in 600 shopping centers are responsible for approximately 40% of retail turnover (the share in trade in 105 surveyed shopping centers was estimated by GfK at 40.9% ), and over 60,000 online stores account for approximately 8.5% of the turnover,” it was also indicated.

The study covered 105 shopping centers with various characteristics. Exit-poll interviews were also conducted on a sample of 5,071 respondents in 12 shopping centers representing various types of facilities, as well as a nationwide online survey on a sample of 2,500 respondents.

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers (PRCH) is a not-for-profit association with over 200 members operating in the trade and service industry.



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