“There is no soft coup here, President Gustavo Petro's attitude is that of a dictator”

Luc Williams

The indictment of charges will allow the eight magistrates to vote whether they accept the presentation of charges and continue with the investigation, or if, on the contrary, they opt to archive the process. In the space of , political voices reacted to the presentation of charges against the president.

To begin with, the reaction of the head of state to the decision of the National Electoral Council (CNE) gave a lot to talk about. In his words, he “has begun the soft coup,” resuming the position he has adopted in the face of every controversy that plagues his election and mandate.

In this regard, representative Julio César Triana recalled that it is the CNE's task to “regulate, inspect, monitor and control all electoral activity of political parties and movements, significant groups of citizens, their legal representatives, managers and candidates.” Given Petro's refusal, he questioned whether, then, his campaign will be the only one in the history of Colombia that the National Electoral Council will not be able to investigate.

“The thing is that President Petro here is being investigated as a candidate.” Likewise, he expressed his opinion regarding the supposed soft coup that President Petro and his close circle have spoken about.

There is no soft hit here. This attitude of the president is the attitude of a dictator, because only a dictator refuses to comply with the Constitution and the laws.. (…) A democrat respects Colombian institutions, while a dictator looks for every nook and cranny so that the law is not applied to him, and this is what the president is doing,” said the congressman from Cambio Radical.


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