“I appeared on 'Happy Saturdays', I won a car and it was stolen; “I left the church and then I asked God for forgiveness and I came back.”

Luc Williams

José Ordóñez, famous Colombian comedian, spoke with . In the framework of the interview for the Atlético Bucaramanga match against Independiente Santa Fe, for the first leg of the Colombian soccer final, this Saturday at 7:30 pm, the famous comedian was consulted about his decision to be a pastor.

Famous in Colombia for the program, in 1995, the comedian revealed that everything happened after his presentation and triumph in the also renowned program, on Caracol Televisión. “When I was young I had been an evangelical, I had gone to a Baptist church, I went in '88 and I showed up at , I won a car and they stole it. Being from a very humble background, I had never had anything and that makes me offended and leave the church, and I swore to God that I was never going to return to a Christian church,” he initially commented.

“But then, in the year 96/97, with my home completely destroyed, with a divorce in tow, causing a lot of pain to my children, I remembered the way back and I returned. I asked God for forgiveness for what I had done and asked him to give me back my wife, to give me back my children and not to let me make the same mistake that my father had made with me, my grandfather with him and all the others. the previous generations, who had always abandoned their wives,” he added.

The section of José Ordóñez talking about the difficult moments in his life, which led him to be a pastor:

Later, he said, he asked Yasmith, his wife, begged her to forgive him and they returned. Now they travel the world talking about humor and the power of God. In 19 countries, she explained, she has told her story for a period of two hours. “I am a pastor of families, of marriages, with the values ​​of making people laugh, with values ​​and principles.”

“I gave meaning to my life,” added José Ordóñez, indicating that many people complain about him because he did not continue in the world of television, which catapulted him in Colombia in the 1990s. In his opinion, he preferred to recover to the family. “I have been married for 35 years, with four children who have already left home. If I hadn't made that decision, I would be in jail, in an alcohol rehabilitation center or I would be dead.”

The comedian also said that a private channel proposed to him three times to do it again, but he responded that he was getting his family back and that he preferred home to fame.

The complete interview with comedian José Ordóñez:

José Ordóñez also made a deep reflection on the fame he was able to spread, after the 90s, compared to the life of pastor he chose: “I see that there are many comedians and very famous people with millions of followers on social networks and I say yes, but I go to sleep at one in the afternoon and feel scared. Yes, but I go to bed and love my wife; yes, but I I have four children of whom I am proud; yes, but I have a nice life that Jesus gave me. There are things that are truly worth more. When the lights go out, when the television camera goes off, when everything ends: what do you have left? What do we have left? And I have a lot left. I'm finishing this interview with you and I'm going to go play with my grandson, who is waiting for me there in the living room, next to my wife. That's what's really worth it.”

On the other hand, José Ordóñez spoke about the match and the possibility of his beloved Atlético Bucaramanga becoming champion, for the first time in history. “My father and my entire family… my father, who has since passed away, was a Santa Fe fan and whenever we went to see the Bucaramanga against Santa Fe, our hearts, both his and mine, were divided. But, obviously, I am more of a fan of Bucaramanga, officially, one of those who dream of Atlético Bucaramanga and I hope that this year our desire to go 'heading to the Libertadores' comes true.”.

Until I was 10 years old I was a fan of Millonarios because we lived in Bogotá. I was not born in Bucaramanga, I was born in Bogotá, but the notary's office burned down and a few years later we came to live in Bucaramanga and they registered me as born in Bucaramanga,” he recalled, laughingly saying that the fans of Millionaires blame him for the fact that the blue team beat Atlético Junior and helped the Bumangueses reach the grand final. He – he said – responds to them by remembering that the same blue box sent 'Búcaros, Búcaros' to B on some occasion. So, he said laughing, he no longer dislikes the blue painting.

“Bucaramanga has brought me many tears and frustration. To be a Bucaramanga fan, one has to be highly tolerant of frustration because it is not easy. The only founding member of the Dimayor that remains, who has not been champion (Bucaramanga). So it was a very wonderful feeling from then on. Furthermore, I adopted a love for Bucaramanga, for Santander,” he stated.


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