“They have just denied me access to a reality show”: confesses the famous José Ordóñez

Luc Williams

José Ordóñez, famous Colombian comedian, spoke with 'Vicky en SEMANA'. In the framework of the interview for the Atlético Bucaramanga match against Independiente Santa Fe, for the first leg of the Colombian soccer final, this Saturday at 7:30 pm, the famous comedian revealed that he was vetoed.

José Ordóñez, famous in Colombia for the program 'Ordoñese de la Risa', in 1995, revealed that, despite his fame, his talent, his recognition among millions of Colombians, a channel denied him participation in a reality show. According to him, they denied him because he had fewer followers on social networks than they demanded and they offered him an amount to participate that was much lower than what he expected. This was under the argument that he was no longer fashionable.

“I read, I prepare,” he said, indicating that he remains current, gives conferences around the world and, as a person dedicated to God as a Christian, has grown much more. In that sense, he regretted that a channel asked him for more followers than talent and offered him an offensive amount in order to participate.

The comedian also said that a private channel proposed to him three times to do 'Ordoñese de la Risa' again, but he responded that he was getting his family back and that he preferred home to fame. In the same way, he pointed out, many people complain to him for withdrawing from the media, but he did it because, at the end of the night, he can see his family in peace. “No comedian who used vulgarity transcended,” he emphasized, lamenting how many comedians, today, make people laugh by insulting people.

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Ordóñez urged the new generations to train, the comedians to reinvent themselves and value the profession, under penalty of things like those he commented on the reality show happening.

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On the other hand, José Ordóñez spokeor the match and the possibility that his beloved Atlético Bucaramanga will be champion, for the first time in history. “My father and my entire family; My father, who has since passed away, was a Santa Fe fan and whenever we went to see the Bucaramanga against Santa Fe, our hearts, both his and mine, were divided, but obviously I am more of a fan of Bucaramanga, so official, one of those who dream of me with Atlético Bucaramanga and I hope that this year it will come true for us the desire to go to La Libertadores'”.

Until I was 10 years old I was a fan of Millonarios because we lived in Bogotá. I am not born in Bucaramanga; I was born in Bogotá, but the notary's office burned down and a few years later we came to live in Bucaramanga and they registered me as born in Bucaramanga,” he recalled, laughingly saying that the Millonarios fans blame him for The blue team beat Atlético Junior and helped the Bumangueses reach the grand final. He, he said, responds to them by remembering that the same blue team sent 'Bucaros, Bucaros' to B on some occasion. So, he said laughing, he no longer dislikes the blue painting.

“Bucaramanga has brought me many tears and frustration. To be a Bucaramanga fan, one has to be highly tolerant of frustration because it is not easy. The only founding member of the Dimayor that remains, who has not been champion (Bucaramanga). So it was a very wonderful feeling from then on. Furthermore, I adopted a love for Bucaramanga, for Santander,” he stated.

The famous comedian said that he loves Atlético Bucaramanga, the city, God, too much, and he hopes that he will be given the opportunity to see the yellow team become champion, from whom he got a lot of juice with his program, making jokes in 'Ordóñese de la Laughter' because the city's team is nothing but champion. “I was born a clown, I became a comedian, I narrated games at school, I imitate players, I imitate technicians, I imitate sports commentators, all based on comedy. Even in my capacity as a pastor, I amalgamate my message with humor,” he said.

After the first leg duel between Bucaramanga and Santa Fe, this Saturday, the second and final match will take place on Saturday, June 15 at 7:30 pm in Bogotá. Bucaramanga hopes to get its first star. Santa Fe is going for its tenth title.


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