iPhone as a sixth sense. Will Apple announce cooperation with OpenAI?

Luc Williams

You can now chat with ChatemGPT by voice. I haven't tested it yet, the impression is apparently straight from the movies science fiction. However, the default form of contact with this AI is, as its name suggests, a chat window. However, this may change in the near future if ChatGPT will join forces with Siri – a long-existing function in iPhones, thanks to which you can give the phone a voice command (in English), and it will set a timer, or search in Google and read some information aloud. As Samantha Murphy Kelly writes for CNN, it looks like this functionality will soon go several levels higher.

Why did Steve Jobs' heirs sniff AI for a long time?

This year Worldwide Developers Conferencewhich starts on Monday 10th of June, will probably be one of the most exciting editions in the event's history. As Samantha Murphy Kelly writes, it is widely expected that Apple will announce cooperation with the creator of the model ChatGPTbusiness OpenAIand will present a number of news related to artificial intelligence.

The fact that Apple is looking for a partnership in the field of AI technology has been known at least since early spring, when, according to Kelly, the company held secret talks with both Google and OpenAI. The journalist writes that we will most likely know the result of these negotiations on Monday, and the choice has most likely fallen on OpenAI.

A move in this direction was certainly a business necessity from Apple's point of view. Last week, the company lost its honorable second position on the list of the world's largest companies because it was overtaken by Nvidia: a manufacturer of chips that power artificial intelligence engines, among others. ChatGPT. The heirs of Steve Jobs had the unpleasant experience of not being able to do anything without AI today.

However, as Kelly writes, Apple's long sniffing with this technology is not surprising or strange, on the contrary – it is their standard business strategy in approaching new products. The journalist mentions that Apple always tests and checks its technologies for a long time before releasing them to users, but the global emphasis on the speed of AI implementation also accelerated the entire process in this case.

Indeed, the broad echo of the technological revolution, the start of which is marked by the premiere of the first ChataGPT, has not missed iPhone users, who are increasingly impatiently waiting for AI-based updates to their devices. The Chinese economic crisis, which has severely damaged sales of tech gadgets in the Middle Kingdom, is also important for Apple.

An intelligent assistant in every household

So we know for sure that we can expect SOMETHING with a capital CZ. But what? Samantha Murphy Kelly, based on data and circumstantial evidence, makes some speculations. Citing Bloomberg, he writes that the package of new products will be presented as: “Apple Intelligence” and he will be demanding iPhone 15 Pro or older device with M1 chip or newer.

According to Kelly, the obvious and expected way to use artificial intelligence solutions in Apple smartphones is to use the already existing, mentioned earlier, Siri. And from here it is only a step to the spread of the idea of ​​an intelligent, virtual assistant in every household, or at least in every household equipped with a new iPhone'and. Or maybe something more than a virtual assistant – analyst Thomas Husson from Forrester said in an interview with CNN that the next generations of iPhones, thanks to artificial intelligence, will become sixth senses its users.

To put it simply, Siri on AI steroids will search the vast archives of our cell phone for a photo from years ago in just a few seconds, just based on what we tell her is in it. It will give you accurate details about the current weather. Over time, it will learn from us and carry out our commands more and more precisely. A very exciting and a little scary prospect.

However, there is a problem with it, and it is not a small one, because it is related to the security of users. As Kelly writes, OpenAI still faces a lot of criticism of its practices in this area. Former and current employees are pushing for artificial intelligence companies to be much more transparent about the technology's risks and to protect whistleblowers who point out its problematic aspects.


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