Vice President of Microsoft: Despite the war abroad, Poland is a good place for investment

Luc Williams

– What drives investment is the opportunity to work with a large group of people who want to innovate and need technology. This is exactly the type of community that makes Poland an attractive place to invest, says Brad Smith in an interview with “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The vice president of Microsoft emphasizes that Poland remains an attractive country for investing, even in the face of the ongoing conflict on our eastern border. – We see Poland as a pillar of NATO and NATO support for Ukraine – he assures.

According to the vice-president of Microsoft, the revolution related to artificial intelligence may be an opportunity for Poland. – The core processes of almost every company will likely change with AI implementations. Poland, known for its strong manufacturing sector, has a great opportunity here. A good example here is Mercedes-Benz, which uses artificial intelligence not only to interact with consumers – this includes communication between the driver and the car – but also to revolutionize painting, maintenance and design processes, he says.

Smith also comments on the latest solution presented by Microsoft – the Recall function. The computer must constantly take and save screenshots to make it easier to find previously viewed photos or documents. However, plans to introduce a virtual assistant were not well received by cybersecurity specialists, who believed that the company was depriving users of their privacy in this way. “However, until the product becomes generally available, we will continue to address privacy issues and improve this feature based on user feedback,” Smith said.

The entire interview in Tuesday's edition of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.


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