Is it worth having life insurance?

Luc Williams

Is it worth getting life insurance?

Purchasing life insurance is one of the best waysthat to ensure a safe and peaceful future for your loved ones. How does life insurance work in practice? Let's check.

Having life insurance is a sign of responsibility and care for those you love the most. Insurance coverage appropriately tailored to your specific needs will ensure a peaceful future for your loved ones in case you are no longer there. How does it work in practice?

What is life insurance and what protection does it provide?

Life insurance is a contract concluded with an insurance company, the purpose of which is to cover the life of the insured person. The insurance policy confirms the conclusion of such a contract. This is a document that the insurance company is obliged to provide you. The policy specifies, among others: scope of insurance coverage and its duration. If an event occurs during this period that results in your death, the insurance company will be obliged to pay the persons indicated by you (the so-called beneficiaries) the benefit amount specified in the contract. In practice, if you indicate your closest family members as beneficiaries, you will protect them financially in the event of your absence. This will allow them to repay potential financial liabilities and help maintain a similar standard of living. This is of great importance, especially when your family's current standard of living is maintained thanks to your income. Paying out life insurance proceeds after your death becomes even more important if you are the sole breadwinner in your family.

It is worth mentioning that if you extend the scope of insurance coverage in the event of death to include additional contracts that also protect health, the insurance company will also pay out money in other situations indicated in the contract. This may include: diagnosis of a serious illness, inability to work due to disability, hospitalization or surgery, or an accident.

Life insurance – for whom?

Life insurance is a universal product that will benefit people of all ages. Its purchase should especially be considered by people who:

  • they pay off their mortgage;
  • have welcomed a child or are planning to expand their family;
  • they are the only breadwinners in the family;
  • they perform work that increases the risk of an insured event, e.g. death as a result of an accident.

What should you consider when choosing life and health insurance?

Good life and health insurance should precisely meet specific needs. Only then will it prove to be real support. Therefore, before purchasing life insurance, properly analyze the needs of yourself and your loved ones. When choosing a policy, consider primarily:

  • type of insurance product,
  • scope of protection,
  • amount of the insurance sum,
  • premium amount,
  • exclusion of the insurer's liability (you will find them in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance),
  • the possibility of changing policy parameters, e.g. increasing the sum insured or concluding additional agreements during the insurance coverage period;
  • age limit entitling you to conclude a contract (this is especially important if you are looking for life insurance for seniors).

Life insurance – price list

The amount of the life insurance premium depends on many factors: the type of insurance product, the sum insured, the age and health of the insured person and the duration of the contract. Some insurance companies set minimum rates at which you can purchase insurance. For example, you can conclude a life insurance contract starting from approximately PLN 40 per month, e.g. with Pru. The opinions of many customers also confirm the convenience of the possibility of meeting with an insurance agent remotely.


The above article contains selected information on some features of the insurance contract offered by Prudential International Assurance plc SA Branch in Poland. Before concluding an insurance contract, please read the general insurance conditions.


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