There is a lawsuit regarding a program on Republika TV. TVP's liquidator demands compensation worth millions

Luc Williams

As we read on the website, on March 26, 2024, TVP in liquidation “in accordance with previous announcements, submitted to the District Court in Warsaw lawsuit against TV Republika to refrain from infringing TVP's copyrights broadcast “Let's go”payment of compensation for infringement of TVP's rights to the broadcast and in respect of unfair competition, release of illegally obtained benefits, apology and payment of compensation for a social purpose.” TVP in liquidation demanded compensation in the total amount of PLN 1 million.

By the same amount TVP liquidator Daniel Gorgosz appeared in pre-trial writing of February 12 this year to TV Republika and its president of the management board and editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz. The dispute arose over the author's program Michał Rachoń “We're going” originally broadcast on the air TVPInfo. In an official letter, the public broadcaster called for “to stop the production, broadcast and dissemination in any form of the program +Jedziemy. Michał Rachoń+ currently broadcast on Telewizja Republika and to immediately remove both its fragments and full episodes from YouTube and the Facebook and X platforms/ Twitter, and to stop using it verbal and graphic sign (logotype) of the program +Jedziemy+ produced and distributed by Telewizja Polska.

As compensation, Tomasz Sakiewicz is to pay PLN 100,000 Polish Film Institute (PISF), and TV Republika should publish five times on its air “during the broadcasting time of the +Jedziemy program. Michał Rachoń+ apology in the form of a forty-second message.


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