The more you earn, the less you pay? “This is a strange country”

Luc Williams

Political storm over health insurance premiums

Government idea regarding health contributions caused great controversy. According to the government's plans for 2025, entrepreneurs on the so-called tax scale, regardless of the amount of income, will pay a flat-rate health insurance contribution of 9%. with 75 percent minimum wage for employees. Currently it is PLN 286.

– The idea of ​​a health insurance premium caused a political storm. Left-wing parties in the government and the Sejm protested against this, he points out Marek Tejchman.

Entrepreneurs will pay less than full-time employees

– Many economists are also surprised by this – he adds Rafał Hirsch. – This idea is about going back to what it used to be, that is, entrepreneurs should be privileged when it comes to paying health insurance premiums over people who are employed full-time and under employment contracts.

As Hirsch explains, the amount of contributions for full-time employees depends on the person's income. Meanwhile, in the case of entrepreneurs, this rate is to be fixed and independent of the entrepreneurs' income.

– It means that every entrepreneur operating under general principles will now pay a lower health insurance contribution than a person employed full-time at the minimum wage. Regardless of whether he has an income of PLN 5,000. or 50,000, he will pay the same contribution. – Hirsch points out.

Degressive system

And he adds: – Symbolically, this is a problem, because it is a strange country in which it sustains itself degressive system, i.e. the more you earn, the less you pay.

– We are entering spring with the announcement that the government is increasing VAT on food, maintaining reduced VAT for the beauty industry, and additionally reducing contributions for entrepreneurs – he notes in the interview. Marek Tejchman.



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