“It's atrocious”: Fecode, from Petro's ally to strike due to collapse in teachers' health and educational reform

Luc Williams

The strike will be indefinite and Fecode calls on all its subsidiaries “to reject the Draft Statutory Law on education and in defense of the teaching health model. “Let's all take to the streets to defend public education and our rights!” says information sent by the union.

In 'Vicky en SEMANA', Senator Paloma Valencia, who has closely followed the education reform project proposed by the government of President Gustavo Petro, assured that the big underlying issue is that This educational reform calls for evaluating teachers and they do not like it. According to him, the big problem for teachers is that they don't like anyone evaluating them and every time someone poses a different scenario, they call people out.

Valencia recalled what happened in 2020, when in the middle of the pandemic the teachers decided to cease activities and the pagans were the students, the children. “Fecode teachers have to understand that they have the most important job, training children. We invite you to carry out these strikes outside of school hours and we Colombians will support you. In the pandemic, when they did not want to reactivate, the State had to bring the markets to families. What is going to happen to the children who eat breakfast at school? It is a very complex issue, especially when you give everything to such an inefficient State.”

Watch Vicky's program on SEMANA:

The senator also said that, in her opinion, a large part of the mobilization is due to “the terrible” health care scheme to which the teachers were subjected.

It should be remembered that the May 1, 2024, Within the framework of Labor Day, the national government announced the transition to the new Fomag health modelwhich sought to improve service provision for 818,960 teachers and beneficiaries affiliated with the Colombian teaching health system.

The Minister of National Education, Aurora Vergara Figueroa, representing the Board of Directors of the National Fund for Social Benefits of Teachers (Fomag), and the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, accompanied the installation of the 'unified coordination post of the Fomag', located in Fiduprevisora ​​SA, and supervised the start of the operation of the , the digital platform and the regional coordinations arranged to address the concerns of teachers and their families. Without imagining it and while they were marching, The teachers experienced the worst on behalf of that health service and decided to record the terrible care they received, managing to make several images go viral.

Thus, Senator Paloma Valencia recalled that, on the one hand, the State is not a guarantee of anything in matters of health care and, on the other, “it is atrocious” that teachers are more concerned about their union activity and their purposes. personal than for providing a good educational service. The congresswoman explained that, therefore, it is no coincidence that Colombia does not do well in international education tests. The education reform was already approved in the third debate in the First Committee of the Senate.


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