Jaime Arrubla, former president of the Supreme Court, puts President Petro in his place due to pressure to elect a new Prosecutor

Luc Williams

The Supreme Court of Justice postponed the election of the new attorney general, after none of the three candidates Ángela María Buitrago, Luz Adriana Camargo and Amelia Pérez, It reached the 16 votes required by the regulations, so voting will resume on February 8 to choose Francisco Barbosa’s replacement.

Faced with pressure from the national government to hold the election as quickly as possible, the former president of the Supreme Court, Jaime Arrubla, assured in Vicky en SEMANA that the judges must act independently, emphasizing that everything depends a lot on the shortlist presented. .

“If it is a good shortlist, the Prosecutor comes out quickly. But if it is a shortlist that is, as one would say, ‘poisoned’ because the president wants someone in particular, close, to be able to manipulate, that is a shortlist that gets tangled and an election that is delayed,” initially specified.

The former magistrate, who was in charge of the election of four attorney generals, also took advantage of the conversation with this medium to send a strong message to the Colombian head of state and invited him to review whether the shortlist he proposed is appropriate.

“If the Court does not elect anyone from this list and no one assumes leadership, “That is a clear message for the president and it is he, as head of state, who has to begin to weigh what happened, and not come to pressure the Court,” Arrubla added.

Then he sentenced: “Because there are already several of his supporters saying that the quorum must be reformed. I believe that this is not the solution, because the Court is carrying out a reflection for a high official of the State and needs serenity. “People’s support is not given by attacking the courts.”

The former president of the Supreme Court was emphatic in saying that the high court has the full duty and constitutional right to review each shortlist with a magnifying glass, taking into account that one of the most important officials in the country is going to be elected.

Jaime Arrubla finally pointed out that, for him, Gustavo Petro wants to have a very close and trustworthy person in that position due to the processes currently against him.


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