The Polish Council of Entrepreneurs was established. Rafał Brzoska became the chairman

Luc Williams

PRP is an initiative created by the Employers of the Republic of Poland, the oldest and largest institution of this type in Poland. The Polish Council of Entrepreneurs includes representatives of the largest private companies in Poland.

During Monday’s ceremony establishing the Polish Entrepreneurs’ Council, its chairman, Rafał Brzoska, said that the council is to be a leading force in the transformation process, steering the Polish economy into a future based on innovation, sustainable development and a strengthened position in the international arena.

“Our activities will also focus on supporting the expansion and strengthening the competitiveness of Polish companies with a view to their participation in the global market. We focus on initiatives that will help enterprises conquer new markets, build partnerships and strengthen their position on the global business scene. We want Polish companies were recognized abroad as innovative, solid and competitive entities – which will contribute to both the increase in their value and the promotion of Poland as an attractive economic partner,” said Brzoska.

PRP Manifesto

The founder of the InPost Group also read a manifesto prepared by the Polish Council of Entrepreneurs, containing the main objectives of the council: transparent social dialogue – both with the government and society; predictability and clarity of law – co-creation of legal provisions, conducting expert consultations and submitting your demands for consideration as part of legislative procedures; efficient and fair tax system – supporting economic development, covering both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises, the tax system should be an effective tool supporting entrepreneurship, conducive to economic growth; support for Polish companies abroad – supporting the expansion and strengthening the competitiveness of Polish companies; capital cooperation between government and business – a commitment to try to “build bridges” between the private and public sectors; Polish economic strength in Europe – strengthening Poland’s position as an economic leader in Europe.

The main goals also include: Smart Immigration Programs – developing programs aimed at attracting top-class talents from various corners of the world to Poland; Science-Business cooperation – initiation and support of projects aimed at the rapid transfer of scientific achievements to economic practice; equalizing opportunities for Polish companies – creating favorable conditions for domestic enterprises, providing them with an equal opportunity for development compared to international capital; green energy and electromobility – in the context of the country’s energy transformation, through intensive support for projects based on green energy sources and initiatives aimed at developing electromobility.

Author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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