Jota Pe Hernández's chat claim to Angélica Lozano, wife of Claudia López, in the midst of the UNGRD scandal

Luc Williams

The former mayor of Bogotá Claudia López and the former presidential candidate Antanas Mockus resigned in the last few hours from the Alianza Verde party, after the scandal that was uncovered in Sneyder Pinilla, former deputy director of the UNGRD, and that splashed two members of that community: Iván Name, president of the Senate, and Sandra Ortiz, former counselor for the Regions.

In , Senator Jota Pe Hernández He referred to the claim he made to Senator Angélica Lozano, wife of Claudia López, after that scandal that has generated a political storm in the country.

“I am going to confess that a moment ago I wrote to Angélica, quite surprised, because it does not seem to me that Claudia López, at the beginning of her presidential candidacy, Then start throwing everyone at whom she was flattering at some point.. She stated that she had won with Gustavo Petro and that she would vote for him again a thousand times and today the attack is brutal. He also stated that he recognized Rodolfo Hernández's anti-corruption fight, but today he does not consider him corrupt,” said congressman Jota Pe Hernández.

And he added to the senator: “This is a man – Rodolfo Hernández – that the Bumangueses know very well that in the Mayor's Office of Bucaramanga he faced corruption and that unfortunately due to some actions of his son he ended up in undue interest in a contract that today has in a judicial process. So, clearly, I don't justify it, he committed undue contract interest. But you cannot go out and tell him that you admire his fight against corruption and the next day be calling him corrupt. I expressed this to Angélica, that she did not seem to me”.

In response to the response provided by Lozano, Senator Jota Pe Hernández commented that she responded that she “disagreed with what his wife had stated” and that she did not share that position.

“He said that he did not share that expression –Lozano about his wife López–. Really, I feel like Claudia is starting to get desperate. It's not the way“added the Green Alliance congressman.

It is worth noting that, for the moment, Angélica Lozano, senator and wife of Claudia López, has not expressed that she wants to resign from the Green Alliance, despite the decision that her partner has already made. In this regard, the congressman Jota Pe Hernández stated the following.


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