Domański: The energy voucher and other protective measures on the energy market will reduce inflation by approximately 1 percentage point.

Luc Williams

“According to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, protective activitieswhich we are currently adopting, should translate into lower inflation by approximately 1 percentage point. This is quite an important difference. Our goal is for these protective activities to concern the weaker ones householdswhose incomes are at a slightly lower level, because we know that the current energy prices on the market are still difficult to bear from the point of view of many Polish households,” Domański told journalists on the sidelines of the 16th European Economic Congress in Katowice. The ISBnews agency is the media patron Congress.

Asked if we can expect any next year liberalization of energy prices for householdsthe minister replied: “The solution we are adopting today applies to energy until 2024. We will carefully monitor the market situation, prices and then take further actions.”

At today's meeting, the Council of Ministers is dealing with the draft act on energy voucher and freezing energy prices. According to previous information, the project assumes: extending the maximum price for electricity for energy consumers in households. The price is scheduled for the second half. In 2024 it is to be PLN 500/MWh compared to the current maximum price of PLN 412/MWh net (up to specified limits). The maximum price will apply to all households, no consumption limit.

The “Multiannual State Financial Plan for 2024-2027” (WPFP) adopted at the end of April by the Council of Ministers provides for, among others: that the average annual inflation will be 5.2% in 2024 and 4.1% in 2025. In 2026, the average annual inflation will be 3.3% and in 2027 2.5%.



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