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Luc Williams

The protective allowance is financial support addressed to less wealthy households that struggle with higher expenses on heating, energy or food. By the end of June 2024, municipalities, thanks to subsidies from the state budget, will provide beneficiaries with one-off benefits intended to alleviate these burdens.

Cover allowance – who can apply?

Cover allowance is addressed to people in a difficult financial situation. To apply for this support, you must meet certain income criteria. In a single-person household, the monthly income cannot exceed PLN 2,100, while in multi-person households, the limit is PLN 1,500 per person.

Importantly, the “PLN for PLN” principle applies here, which means that exceeding the income threshold does not exclude you from receiving support, but reduces the amount received depending on the amount exceeding the threshold.

What are the amounts of the cover allowance?

The amount of support granted depends on the number of people in the household and the heating source. A single-person household can receive PLN 228.80/PLN 286, while households with 2 to 3 people – PLN 343.20/PLN 429. In the case of larger families consisting of 4-5 people, the allowance is PLN 486.20/PLN 607.75, and for households with six or more people – PLN 657.80/PLN 822.25.

How to submit an application?

Applications for the protective allowance should be submitted to the commune office. Importantly, this document must be received by the office on time, i.e. by April 30, 2024 at the latest. It is worth remembering that the date of receipt of the application at the office is decisive, not the date of the postmark.


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