They air dirty laundry on President Petro live through audios in which Aida Merlano threatens him

Luc Williams

A new scandal surrounds President Gustavo Petro, who was once again in the eye of the hurricane. revealed the audios of a strong conversation that Armando Benedetti and Aida Merlano Rebolledo had in 2023which threatened the president with revealing everything he knows.

Faced with the controversy that was generated in the country, Senator María Fernanda Cabal did not ignore these strong revelations and spoke this Monday exclusively with , where she took out all the dirty laundry on the Colombian head of state.

The congresswoman from the Democratic Center, one of the main opposition leaders, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to remember all the scandals and controversies that have surrounded the Cordoba's mandate, including the investigations against her eldest son, Nicolás Petro Burgos.

“We should do an investigative exercise of the chronological order of events, because the objective was the triumph of Gustavo Petro no matter what. There is the hidden part of relations with criminal states, like Venezuela. There are uncomfortable protagonists like Benedetti, who knows everything, and Aida Merlano, who is suddenly taken out. Let us remember that Petro was the one who signed his extradition, he agreed with Maduro,” he initially indicated.

Then he declared: “I believe that every day it is clearer that this campaign received illicit money, local and foreign.. There is the Los Soles cartel, which are drug traffickers, the corruption of those who financed Petro's campaign, which I have called the 'Three Musketeers', who are Mr. Euclides Torres, of the Torres clan; Mr. Olmedo López and Mr. Pedro Contecha. If the man on the plane is added to that, then all those financiers full of money also served for elections that, as Aida says, added votes that, if they are taken away, he will lose.

Cabal finally emphasized in the talk that these scandals, like Aida Merlano, demonstrate, with each passing day, that Gustavo Petro's victory in the elections was a complete fraud.

“Gustavo Petro's triumph was a fraud. The bishop who is present throughout the campaign and who knows everything is Armando Benedetti, which has the entire movie. They extradite Aida Merlano as if telling her to stay quiet for a while,” concluded the senator of the Republic.

It must be remembered that Benedetti assured in the middle of the audios that the person responsible for the deportation of Merlano Rebolledo was Laura Sarabia, who at that time was the head of President Gustavo Petro's cabinet. The ambassador insisted that Sarabia, now director of Dapre, was the one behind his transfer.


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