Millions of claims against TVP in cases of infringement of personal rights by “Wiadomości” and TAI

Luc Williams

Over 120 cases are pending, including during settlement talks – wrote the TVP press release. Most of them concern the period when Jacek Kurski was the president of Telewizja Polskaand programs produced by Television Information Agency – added.

“This is the price that the Company, and de facto each taxpayer, will pay for Kurski's harmful activities and propagandists from +Wiadomości+ or +TVP Info+. For hating and destroying people,” he commented general director of TVP Tomasz Sygut, quoted in the letter. “And this is just a sample of the harmful activities that led to the destruction of the image of Telewizja Polska,” he added.

TVP is fighting for a reduction in compensation

Although the company is trying to reach amicable agreements, “given the current financial situation, it is impossible to meet all property claims resulting from the issue of the disputed materials,” we read. “As a result, in order to protect the Company's interests, TVP is often forced to continue to appear in lawsuits and try to reduce the amounts constituting the financial claims. Otherwise, the current management of the Company could expose itself to accusations of acting to its detriment,” it was announced.

To the company's knowledge, it was added that since December 20, 2023, one case has been filed with the court violation of personal rights; “This is a lawsuit by Mrs. Joanna Kurska regarding the disclosure of the level of her earnings on TVP in one of the programs.”

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