Inpec member breaks the silence and speaks on air about “adjustments” for which the director of La Modelo was killed

Luc Williams

This Thursday, May 16, Colonel (r) of the National Police, Élmer Fernández, who had been serving as director of the La Modelo prison, was murdered. The unfortunate event occurred in the afternoon in Bogotá, more precisely on Carrera 30 and Calle 80.

“On behalf of Pedro Pluma, from the fourth patio, for the director, that if he searches the yard again, I will kill the family. So that they can see that I do have power, and if they transfer me, I will kill the family,” said one of the notices they sent to the uniformed officer.

The dragon Óscar Robayo, president of the Union of Penitentiary Workers (UTP), spoke this Friday (May 17) exclusively with and assured that the outlook within Inpec is not the best, emphasizing that they are alone and that they have had to beg from him protection of the UNP.

“Our activity is quite risky. We are people from lower strata who decided to take on a very difficult function within the State. Our work is very hard, poorly paid. Inpec is alone. “Protection in Colombia is obviously being begged,” initially stated.

Robayo, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that the murder of Colonel (r) Fernández occurred due to some “adjustments” that he made within the prison center. However, he did not provide further details, since he emphasized that he had only been in office for a few days.

“In a month and a half, he was so far carrying out a reconnaissance of the prison. The Model, after several scandals, has had very good management. Good directions come and the scandals are reduced,” he added.

Then he declared: “I found out about the adjustments and supposed transfers from some pamphlets, because in a month and a half what could it transform. I could only follow a level of work that all members of Inpec have. I don't know what adjustments he made to deserve this. They murdered him because things were being done right. It is more a matter of abandonment with the entire Inpec.”

Colonel (r) Élmer Fernández was born in Piendamó, Cauca. He was going to have his 58th birthday. He dedicated his life to public service in the National Police, in which he stood out for his dedication and professionalism, as well as for his constant search for training and education, for which he received several decorations.


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