Millions of tons of rare metal ores, a German company and conspiracy theories. What is happening in the Suwałki region?

Luc Williams

information about searching for iron deposits and rare metal ores in the Suwałki region sparked a wave of speculation and conspiracy theories on the Internet. They concerned primarily the possible expropriation of landwhere titanium ore can potentially be mined and who will receive it mining concessions these extremely valuable elements. Internet users pointed to companies from Germany, USA and companies originating from EU.

The Internet is alive with conspiracy theories and various sensational reports. It is therefore not surprising that information about millions of deposits of iron, titanium or vanadium appeared on the Internet. Especially since rare earth metals are necessary for the development of the entire high-tech and electronics production industry. So what do we know about titanium and other elements from the Suwałki region?

Geology and nature versus mining

Iron ore and rare titanium and vanadium have been known in the Suwałki region since 60 years ago. Thanks to drilling and geological research, it was estimated resources of deposits located in the Jeleniewo commune alone at 1.34 billion tons. The specific structure of geological structures in north-eastern Poland and those occurring there permafrostdeep location of ores and locating them on an area with very high environmental values caused that authorities in the Polish People's Republic they did not decide to start mining them.

Supracon will be tested for about two weeks igneous rocks In searching for deposits of critical raw materials using a Helipoland helicopter. “The research will be conducted using a helicopter that will fly at an altitude of 120 meters. A passive receiver will be suspended from its chassis, reading the natural signal of the Earth's magnetic field, the size of which depends on the type of rocks in the ground,” said Artur Baranowski, press spokesman. Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.

The research will be conducted in the Podlaskie Voivodeship in the following communes: Krasnopol, Jeleniewo, Puńsk, Rutka-Tartak, Suwałki, Szypliszki and Wiżajny.

Specialists in geological research

As we read on Supracon's company website, the company produces superconducting electronics and specializes in the development, production and sale of ultrasensitive superconducting sensors, readout electronics and measurement systems. He cooperates with the largest exploration companies. Perhaps until exploration of deposits in the Suwałki region will use the most modern SQUID type sensors. These are some of the most sensitive devices used for… measurement of magnetic field strength.

The Internet is full of theories and good advice

The comments under the article of “Gazeta Prawna” from March 1 are full of Internet users' fears that the deposits will be taken over by Germany, the European Union or the Americans. Another problem they point out is the issue amendment to the geodetic law in terms of expropriations people living in areas rich in metal ores.

Examples of Internet users' statements (original spelling):

Eustace 60 years ago, 2,000 wells were drilled in Suwałki and the surrounding area, and for over half a century they have known that Poland has the largest titanium deposits in the world. Some time ago, you could find a document on this subject on the Internet, but last time I was looking for it, I couldn't locate it, and apparently nothing gets lost on the Internet. By a strange coincidence, the American Base is located there. According to the Polish economist and engineer, Poland has approximately 376 million tons of pure iron, 96.4 million tons of titanium and approximately 14 million tons of vanadium. Jerzy Ząbkiewicz estimates that their value may be as much as PLN 7-8 trillion. zloty

Pumbelix There are huge coal deposits near Gubin. Maybe they should be interested in this? And maybe you'll find something else along the way.

Guest Probably something military, such a lie that he will fly and search for metals

bolo If the German company receives a mining license, the work will start in full swing, and if we want to do it ourselves and earn money from it, ecologists supported by their German principals will bombard Poland with thousands of applications and protests in defense of the environment – this is how the EU works, focused solely on profit and interest of the Germans

Lola And the act on geological law is crap… so they can throw people out of the ground because there are strategic deposits under it. Stupid people ..

Sokal Why do we need such information if large corporations or foreign countries will get their hands on it anyway and all the money will go to them? It should be the state treasury and our country should provide financial security for it, not foreign countries!!!

Das And what about the oil in Karlino… is it still burning?


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