Failure at the German Tesla factory. The Vulkangruppe group is behind it

Luc Williams

The police announced that they were investigating the authenticity of the confession letter. As noted by the Bild daily portal, the same group was previously suspected of arson, which led to the interruption of power supply at the Tesla factory construction site in 2021. They then accused the company of being “neither green, ecological nor social”.

The Tesla factory, the city of Erkner and part of Berlin are without electricity

Production at Tesla's only factory in Europe stopped on Tuesday morning due to a power outage and the plant was evacuated. The police believe it was arson. “If the preliminary findings are confirmed, this is a perfidious attack on our electrical infrastructure,” said Michael Stuebgen, Minister of the Interior of Brandenburg, quoted by the Tagesschau website.

The Ministry of the Interior reported that unknown perpetrators intentionally set fire to a power pole in the eastern part of Brandenburg near Berlin early in the morning. The fire damaged the high-voltage line to such an extent that power was cut off to nearby towns and the Tesla factory. The “Bild” portal reported that the factory, the city of Erkner and part of Berlin were without electricity.

“We are investigating the initial suspicion that it was deliberately set on fire,” said a police spokesman. The state investigation office started an investigation. The electricity pole in question was standing in a field and was not fenced.

“Bild” reminds that on Thursday last week, 100 Tesla opponents occupied a forested area east of the factory and installed several makeshift shelters in the trees. The police announced that they would tolerate the protest until March 15 under certain conditions: activists cannot light fires or leave garbage in the forest. “So far, the protests of the 'Stop Tesla' and 'Robin Wood' initiatives have been peaceful,” it said.

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