Minister Hennig-Kloska: Climate goals for 2040 unattainable for Poland

Luc Williams

“Scenario (limitations greenhouse gas emissions o) 55 percent for 2030 is difficult for Poland. One can guess that the goals for 2040 will also be unattainable for Poland,” she concluded. Minister of Climate and Environment Paulina Hennig-Kloska before the start of the meeting of EU ministers responsible for energy.

Goals ambitious but unrealistic?

“As a government, we want to have ambitious goals, but ones that will take care of people and the economy. We must remember that it must be a just transformation, where no one will be left behind. Poland – not only due to historical conditions, but also its geopolitical location and climatic conditions – there is simply more to do. Each new goal should take this starting point into account,” said the Polish minister.

In the beggining of February European Commission published an assessment of how to achieve by EU of climate neutrality by 2050. On this basis, the EC recommended reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 90%. by 2040 compared to 1990 levels.

What about the Green Deal?

In a conversation with journalists, Hennig-Kloska was asked by journalists about the records Green Deal regarding agriculture.

“As Poland, we have been discussing this topic in Brussels for many weeks. I understand Polish farmers and their rebellion against this unequal competition. On the other hand, we must bear in mind that every agriculture must adapt to changing climatic conditions. If we want to farm in the same way we did it before, with changing climatic conditions, farmers will achieve worse results. Introducing ecosystems can lead to better agricultural products and higher yields,” she said.

She added that the basic problem needs to be solved – economic security for farmers and their families so that they can earn a living from farming.

Combustion cars in the EU after 2035?

Hennig-Kloska was also asked whether there was a chance for the EU to resign ban on the sale of new combustion cars in Europe from 2035

“This is a goal that will be discussed further. We will see where we stand with this goal. It is to be discussed still in the phase of reaching the goal,” she said.

From Brussels Artur Ciechanowicz and Łukasz Osiński (PAP)


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