Money from KPO is an opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs. How to get them?

Luc Williams

On Monday, Poland received EUR 6.3 billion, i.e. approximately PLN 27 billion, as part of the first tranche of National Reconstruction Plan. From the money received, by the end of June, the government plans to allocate PLN 1.6 billion for the implementation of the Clean Air program, PLN 720 million for removing white spots in broadband Internet access, PLN 400 million for new roads and investments related to increasing railway safety. PLN 200 million is to be allocated to nurseriesand PLN 250 million – for development of small and medium-sized agricultural companies.

Certain conditions must be met

“This money is, above all, a huge opportunity for Polish entrepreneurs. However, it should be remembered that the funds received are intended for specific purposes and very specific conditions must be met to obtain them. To receive a subsidy, you must complete several very precise steps.” – he emphasized Krzysztof Fintzel from the Department of Business and Public Sector Consulting in Łódź Regional Development Agency (LARR).

He pointed out that many Polish entrepreneurs are already familiar with… regulations regarding obtaining subsidies and reaches for EU funds. However, as he noted, for a large part of the business community these funds still seem unattainable. Many of them are afraid of the complicated procedure, conditions that must be met and project settlements. Therefore – as Fintzel added – when applying for an EU grant, it is worth using the support of experts specializing in writing applications, as well as companies that will help you go through the investment process. As he said, experts in this field will indicate a program or competition under which entrepreneurs can apply for a subsidy, and then help them prepare the necessary documentation and submit an effective application.

“An important role of business environment institutions and consulting companies is that they can guide the company in the process of implementing this project, as well as in subsequent control. EU subsidies are money for entrepreneurs. It is worth using them, but to obtain them, you need to do well prepare for it and support it with the knowledge and experience of experts,” argued Fintzel.

What counts is the idea and… documents

“There are a lot of documents needed by the entrepreneur to obtain a subsidy, such as an energy audit or building permits, a concept, visualizations,” he added. Błażej Mielczarek from the company Business Leverage by Błażej Mielczarek, which deals with obtaining financing for the implementation of business, scientific and local government projects.

Experts pointed out that the first and key step to obtaining EU funds is an idea. “If we know what we want to obtain a grant for, how it will improve the operation of our company and how it will fit into the sustainable development goals, we have a chance to choose a competition that will help us achieve our goal,” Mielczarek explained.

Wojciech Zdzienkowskipresident UNIFORM – a company involved in guiding the investor through the investment process, he pointed out that a great opportunity to obtain funding is, for example, adapting the industry to the new conditions dictated by climate goals.

Are climate goals on the right track?

“We can point to the following challenges: ergonomic use of resources with the use of closed loop solutions in production, energy independence, where subsidies for own photovoltaic farms, energy storage facilities, and cost-optimization applications such as thermal modernization or recoveries from the technological process come to the rescue. Thanks With such solutions, we will have an impact on the climate, save money, and we can also apply for EU subsidies. There is also a risk that if we do not introduce these changes now, in a few years companies will have to do so anyway to stay on the market. global, but then there may be no subsidies anymore,” he explained.

In this aspect, experts pointed out that in 2015, Poland signed Paris Agreement, i.e. an action plan to limit global warming, to meet its requirements we must adapt Polish enterprises to the set standards. “The strategic agenda is known, we know what the goals are, and if an entrepreneur wants to introduce changes, he will easily find experts who will tell him how to go about it and how to obtain funds,” Zdzienkowski assured.

Where to look for help?

Fintzel pointed out that due to running a business in a given area, the entrepreneur should first look for subsidies in regional programs. Then – as he noted – support in obtaining funds can be expected from business environment institutions, such as ŁARR or consulting companies that support the process of obtaining funds.

Entrepreneurs can also look for help at the source, i.e. in units that distribute funds, such as: Marshal's Offices Whether Entrepreneur Service Centersand in the case of soft projects, also Provincial Labor Offices. “The role of these institutions is to define the criteria that apply to a given competition. In turn, business environment institutions and consulting companies will help discuss them in terms of the chances of receiving funding and then prepare the application,” Fintzel added.

They also exist in every voivodeship European funds information pointsh. You can also go there with your idea and count on support. “In these places we will obtain, among other things, information about which business environment institutions operate in a given area. However, the entrepreneur must remember that the task of these institutions is primarily to inform about announced competitions and possibly indicate companies to which he or she can contact. However, it is the entrepreneur “will have to prepare documentation, secure funds for own contribution, carry out the project and settle it,” he admitted.

Experts pointed out that subsidies are only one possible source of financing. Others include: low interest loan, forgivable loan or technology loan. “In the case of loans, if the application process goes smoothly, the funds can be disbursed even within a month. There is no shelf life, which is obligatory in the case of subsidies. However, the subsidy has the advantage of being non-refundable,” Fintzel explained. (PAP)

author: Bartłomiej Pawlak


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