Most people trust banks when it comes to cybersecurity (SURVEY)

Luc Williams

More than half (51.6%) of respondents to the survey prepared by the research and development center Biostat commissioned FP2 expressed confidence in financial institutions in terms of online security. The report also shows that the majority (53.6%) of Poles surveyed are convinced that their finances are adequately protected on the Internet. Nevertheless, 30.4 percent respondents were unable to provide a clear answer.

The study also showed that trust in financial institutions in the context of cybersecurity varies slightly depending on the respondent's education level. In the case of people with higher education, 52.5% gave a positive answer. asked. People with secondary education gave the same answer in 53.5%. cases, and respondents with less than secondary education showed the least trust in financial institutions in terms of cybersecurity, the report said.

Moreover, men (59.7%) trust financial institutions in the context of cybersecurity much more often than women (44.2%). At the same time, as many as 61.4 percent men believed that their finances were adequately secured on the Internet. In the case of women, only 46.5 percent respondents chose this answer.

“Trust enables efficient functioning and development financial market. In Poland, they were even considered one of the goals of financial market supervision. Building or repairing trust is the main requirement in the context of new projects developing this market. Financial institutions base their operations on the trust of their customers, whose contributions, deposits and investments constitute their assets. The equity of this type of entities is many times smaller than the amounts they manage. Image, however, is one of the most valuable assets. The changes brought about by globalization, liberalization and computerization of financial services force the development of a traditional approach to communication activities,” he wrote. Bartosz Sosnówkamanaging partner at the 2PR agency that commissioned the study.

The level of trust in banks and other financial institutions also depends on age. The study showed that young people (aged 18 to 29) enjoy the highest level of trust in financial institutions. The greatest distrust is shown by people aged 30 to 39 and 40 to 49. People aged 50-59 and older indicated much more often than others that they did not know whether to trust banks when it came to the security of their finances online.

The study was conducted in February 2024 on a group of 1,000 people over 18 years of age living in Poland. The measurement was carried out using the “Opinion Survey” consumer panel based on a survey questionnaire. (PAP)


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