More than half of Poles see renewable energy as an opportunity for lower bills (SURVEY)

Luc Williams

When asked what economic benefits the development of renewable energy sources brings, 58.6 percent respondents answered that this is a chance lower electricity bills. 34 percent indicated economic development of the country, and 23.2 percent industrial development of the regions where the installations are built Renewable energy. 8% did not see any benefits. subjects.

The next question was: “According to forecasts, the energy transformation is expected to create approximately 300,000 jobs. new jobs. Are the related new wind and photovoltaic investments an attractive alternative and professional opportunity for employees of the mining/extraction sector? 26.3 percent survey participants said definitely yes, and 39.2% said rather yes. That’s a total of 65.5 percent. 27.7 percent could not answer yes or no. Probably not or definitely not is 6.9%. all votes.

Miners on windmills?

Miners from liquidation on Upper Silesia mines are already going to work, e.g. on wind farms. After retraining, they can become, among others: wind turbine technicians or service technicians. This allows you to complete specialized courses.

“The intensive development of renewable energy sources, including wind energy, is a real opportunity to use the potential of the region, which is the most industrialized in Poland. Greening energy will be accompanied by the creation of new, well-paid jobs and support for people working in the mining sector, which may be a huge opportunity for this region. Well-educated employees with extensive professional experience who will leave the mining sector are already sought after by companies operating in the renewable energy sector, including the wind industry,” he said. Janusz Gajowieckipresident Polish Wind Energy Associationquoted in the PWEA press release.

The last question asked in the survey concerned the benefits of working in the renewable energy sector. 39.1 percent respondents indicated that this is an industry of the future, 26 percent attractive earnings, 24.1 percent sense of mission in the context of green transformation, and 21.3 percent great demand for employees. 8.2 percent respondents did not see any benefits.

SW Research explains that the main goal of the study was to learn the opinions of Polish women and men on the development of the renewable energy sector. Interviews were conducted online at the turn of January and February 2024 on a sample of 1,223 people over 18 years of age, taking into account gender, age and town size distribution. (PAP)

Author: Patryk Osadnik


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