NFOŚiGW will allocate PLN 900 million for ecological projects. Who can benefit?

Luc Williams

PLN 500 million was allocated for co-financing projects in the competitive recruitment procedure, and PLN 400 million in the non-competitive procedure.

NFOŚiGW announced on Monday the recruitment for project funding improving energy efficiency in public buildings along with installation renewable energy sources (RES).

Categories of investment beneficiaries

As stated, in the case investments in historic buildings, state budgetary units, universities, government administration and bodies and organizational units supervised or subordinated to it, including hospitals and clinics, may participate in the recruitment process. In case of buildings that are not monuments can apply for grants only state budgetary units.

According to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, subsidies will be awarded for investments related to, among others: insulation of buildings, use of heat recovery technologies, connection to the heating network, renewable energy installations, replacement of lighting with more energy-efficient ones and modernization of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Scope of supported activities

“Elements not resulting from energy audits will also be supported if the projects implement broader goals of the European Green Dealincluding the EU Renovation Wave strategy. This applies in particular to solutions contributing to the increase in green areas and the development of electromobility, e.g. charging points for electric vehicles,” it added.

It will also be possible to install energy storage devices and infrastructure related to accessibility, including ramps for the disabled. The project also allows for financing expenses for raising public environmental awareness.

All works must be completed by the end of 2029. (PAP)



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