Non-human animals as political entities? It’s time to change EU regulations

Luc Williams

The exhibition was organized by the Viva! Foundation and the Swedish organization Projekt 1882. Both organizations are dedicated to improving the fate of animals. The exhibition “Animals – EU citizens?” is part of the European tour “For Animals – Euro Tour 2024”, which will visit 15 countries this year. The aim of the exhibition is to improve the situation of farm animals by changing EU regulations.

What are the conditions in which animals live that end up on the plates of Europeans?

“We want to improve the situation of farm animals, that’s why we are politically active, we work in lobbying. We are collecting signatures for a petition to the European Commission, which promised certain things but did not fulfill them,” said Eliza Chmurzyńska from Projekt 1882.

During the exhibition you can learn about the situation of industrial animals in Europe, what diseases they suffer from and under what conditions they live and are transported. The exhibition organizers say that over 11 billion chickens are killed annually in Europe for the food industry.

Google VR helps you view the exhibition. They allow you to see the conditions in which animals live, which later end up on the plates of European residents. Thanks to the use of this technology, the viewer can go to calf, chicken, cow farms or even slaughterhouses, while listening to information about the life of animals in these places.

There are two draft amendments to the Animal Protection Act in the Parliament. The first one, proposed by a group of MPs from KO, Poland 2050 and the Left, also concerns the introduction of a ban on breeding and breeding animals for fur from 2029. The second one, authored by MPs from PiS, Konfederacja and Kukiz’15, assumes the introduction of a ban on breeding fur animals, with the exception of rabbits, and a 15-year transition period.


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