PERN has new authorities. Daniel Świętochowski became the president of the company

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According to PERN, Daniel Świętochowski he was most recently the director of the commercial department there, however Piotr Gryska he previously served there as head of the compliance department. As the company noted, they remained in the positions of vice-presidents Marcin Giemza and as a crew representative Zdzisław Koper.

“PERN faces interesting and ambitious challenges. Remembering our basic mission, taking care of state energy securitywe must respond to market changes and trends,” said Świętochowski, quoted in the company's Monday announcement about changes in the management board. The new president emphasized: “We have experienced and ambitious staff and potential that will allow PERN to respond to the challenges of the future.”

The new president of PERM

Daniel Świętochowski is an engineer, a graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, majoring in electronics and telecommunications. He also graduated MBA management studies at the Gdańsk Management Development Foundation. He has been associated with PERN – as the company said – since 2003, where he also held the positions of director of the operations office and director of the operation department. “During his career at PERN, he was involved in operational activities at the company's facilities in the field of oil and fuels,” it was emphasized in the information about the new president.

Świętochowski is the chairman supervisory board of Naftoprt in Gdańska company owned by PERN Group.

New vice-president of PERN

Piotr Gryska is, in turn, a legal advisor and an expert in the field of regulation and regulatory risk management. In the years 2002 – 2004 he was deputy chief spokesman for public finance disciplineand in the years 2005-2017 he sat on the Main Committee adjudicating on cases of violation of public finance discipline.

PERN emphasized that Gryska, as vice-president of the Government Legislation Center, “participated in a number of activities aimed at streamlining and increasing the transparency of the legislative procedure at the government stage, including, among others, coordinating and supervising legislative work on the regulations of the Council of Ministers, activities related to the implementation the Government Legislative Process system and the digital Journal of Laws.

Since 2015, Gryska managed legal, corporate, regulatory and compliance areas in such energy segment companies as Orlen, Polish Nuclear Power Plants and Gaz-System Gas Transmission Pipeline Operator. He is co-author of a commentary on the Act on liability for violations of public finance discipline, author of articles on public finances, state control, government legislative process and legislation.

Resignation of the previous president of PERN

As PERN previously reported, On May 2, the then president of the company, Mirosław Skowron, resigned – no reasons for this decision were given at that time. Skowron has headed PERN since May 1, 2023.

What does PERM do?

PERN, that is Oil Pipeline Operation Company “Przyjaźń” based in Płock (Masovian Voivodeship) is a state-owned entity, strategic for Poland's energy securitywho is responsible for pumping crude oil through pipelines in Poland to the Orlen Group refineries in Płock and Gdańskas well as to two refineries in Germany – Schwedt and Leuna and for storing raw materials in its bases throughout the country and liquid fuels.

The company has operations in the country 19 fuel depots with a total capacity of over 2.6 million cubic meters. and 4 crude oil bases with a total capacity of over 4.1 million cubic meters.

PERN has been implementing this for several years “Mega-investment Program”, i.e. priority projects related to managed critical infrastructure that are intended to increase Poland's energy security. These include: expansion and modernization of fuel depots, including their capacity and railway infrastructure. According to the company, this year investment expenditures are expected to total almost PLN 450 million, and for renovations – approximately PLN 90 million.

In the strategy until 2028 announced in April, PERN emphasized, among other things, that by then it is to become the leader on the raw material and product logistics market in Poland. He also announced the diversification of the capital group's activities in the areas of liquid chemicals and aviation fuels, as well as support for decarbonization and green transformation. PERN also informed that as part of the strategy, it had already developed “over 40 strategic initiatives, with an implementation plan and schedule, bringing measurable financial and non-financial benefits.”

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