The role of social dialogue in shaping waste policy and circular economy in Poland

Luc Williams

The (in)audible voice of entrepreneurs?

This fundamental issue was discussed in more detail in the report “Social Dialogue in the Circular Economy 2024”, which is the culmination of the project of the same name implemented by employers in Poland. Is the voice of entrepreneurs heard enough?

59% of them declare that they are unable to incur higher costs related to investments in circular economy to achieve the goals set by the European Union. Among micro-enterprises, this percentage is close to 68%.

Entrepreneurs consider the biggest challenges regarding the implementation of circular economy to be:

  • lack of funds for investments – 25%,
  • lack of encouragement from the government – ​​20%,
  • lack of knowledge – 20%,
  • legislative changes – 18%.

More information about this and other projects conducted by Polish employers can be found at:

Social dialogue and friendly legislation

The challenges perceived by entrepreneurs confirm how important social dialogue is. Another example of this is Extended Producer Responsibility for the disposal of post-consumer waste, which has financial and physical dimensions. The EU directive in this regard has still not been implemented in Poland, and 90% of entrepreneurs believe that it harms their business! In this context, social dialogue, in which as many companies as possible will engage, is an opportunity for legislation beneficial to the corporate sector.

Education about circular economy

Another element of social dialogue as part of the transformation towards circular economy concerns education. The project carried out by employers of the Republic of Poland in its recommendations assumes conducting training in enterprises and local governments, as well as promotional campaigns. Improving the awareness of entrepreneurs and consumers about circular economy is an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of Polish companies.


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