Petro “violated the Constitution” and now seeks to make a new one; this would be the president’s plan

Luc Williams

This Tuesday, June 25, the first round of dialogues began between the delegations of the national government and the Second Marquetalia, which are meeting in Caracas, Venezuela. However, the viability of these negotiations still remains in doubt.

Given these questions, Peace Commissioner Otty Patiño expressed that they will take certain actions during the peace process and did not rule out a new constitutional reform. that would be presented to the Congress of the Republic.

One of the first to speak out regarding this issue was Carlos Alonso Lucio, who spoke exclusively this Tuesday with . The former M-19 combatant pointed out that President Gustavo Petro is violating the Constitution by establishing these negotiations.

The former senator, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium and stated that the plan of the Colombian head of state is to make a new Constitution to modify all the “violations” that are being presented with these new dialogues with the Second Marquetalia.

“There is something that is very clear and that cannot be disputed, as Dr. Humberto de la Calle said, and this process is constitutionally prohibited. The simple fact of sitting down to talk with them is a flagrant violation of the Government. “A government cannot violate the Constitution and then change it and say that it did not violate it.”he initially specified.

Then, he sentenced. “The Government cannot begin by violating the Constitution and then say that it changes it to pick up the trail of constitutional violations, that is against the law. A president of the Republic cannot do that. “A Congress should open a political trial for this flagrant violation of the Constitution.”

Lucio finally assured that he can maintain that the president is allowing chaos in Colombia and then point out that there are no guarantees for the exercise of his work and forcibly staying in power longer.

It must be emphasized that the negotiations with Iván Márquez’s Second Marquetalia, according to various political sectors, are not legal, since they committed crimes again and the Havana Peace Agreement emphasizes that those who fail to comply with what was agreed since December 1, 2016 They would lose all benefits.

Even the former chief negotiator of the Santos Government, Humberto de la Calle, publicly questioned the beginning of these dialogues and clarified that negotiating with a group that abandoned the transition to legality does not make any sense, which is why he showed his total disagreement with the process. .


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