Petro's forced investments are a goal pass to credit drop by drop and we Colombians “will end up assuming it”

Luc Williams

The national government, led by President Petro, continues to look for different alternatives to try to boost the economic reactivation of the country, whose indices are in the red. The president emphasized that it is important that the forced investment measure be applied in the financial system.

“Maintaining this pace of change in our export matrix would lead us to change our economic structure. From fossil extractive country to productive country. “What grows the most are exports of agricultural and manufacturing products”Petro posted.

This idea has generated a lot of controversy and concern in Colombia. One of the last to speak out regarding this issue was councilor Juan Daniel Oviedo, who spoke exclusively this Tuesday with .

“This measure means a return to the 60s, when Colombia did not have a Bank of the Republic. Furthermore, it is detrimental to foreign investment, because these forced investments are going to be less profitable. It is worrying to try to reactivate the economy with measures from the 60s,” accurate.

Then he declared: “It has been historically proven that these 20% cost overruns, which forced investments will imply, will be assumed by all users of the country's financial services. “We are going to see a shortage of capital entering the country.”

Lisandro Junco, former director of Dian, also pointed out in this medium that President Petro's idea would bring several negative consequences for the country's economy and would increase credits drop by drop.

“This is a goal pass to credit drop by drop, which is the worst and most frustrating for any citizen. This measure will affect investment and increase informality. “This goes against the same economic reactivation,” concluded the former official in .

What did Ocampo say?

José Antonio Ocampo, former Minister of Finance and Public Credit of the Petro Government, used his X account to speak out on this issue and launched a harsh criticism of what was stated by the Colombian head of state.

Finally, he pointed out: “Through the Group, credit lines, some concessions, as well as guarantees can be granted. One such scheme is the popular economy financing program launched at the end of 2022, which has not been adequately implemented. A good credit program can and should also be agreed upon with the private financial sector.”


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