Pfizer’s trial against Poland regarding vaccines has started. “There was no other choice”

Luc Williams

Pfizer demands PLN 6 billion from Poland

The trial brought in Warsaw in September 2023 may take up to two years. Let us remind you: Pfizer is demanding approximately PLN 6 billion for the 60 million COVID-19 vaccines ordered by the Polish government and unclaimed. Poland refuses, citing, among others, force majeure, i.e. costs related to the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Yesterday, a preliminary hearing in this case was held before the court of first instance in Brussels. It was originally planned for December, but – according to unofficial information from DGP – it was postponed due to the change of power in Poland. Yes, to give Donald Tusk’s government time to prepare a strategy. “During the preliminary hearing, only preliminary procedural steps are taken, such as establishing a schedule for the court proceedings,” the Belgian law firm Strelia, representing Warsaw, told DGP.

Hungary also sued

Like this Hungary has already completed the trial, which Pfizer sued late last year. – The next date has not been set yet. After the preliminary hearing, the case goes to trial. However, it usually takes a long time before the next hearing takes place. In the meantime, the parties are preparing applications and a defense line, a person familiar with the lawsuit against Budapest tells us.

Romania targeted by Pfizer

Targeted by Pfizer – except Poland and Hungary – found it too Romania. – We have been working with EU Member States for many months and have made numerous attempts to adapt to the needs of each of them. Unfortunately, these efforts have proven unsuccessful for some countries, a Pfizer and BioNTech had no choice but to initiate court proceedings to enforce our rights under the contract – Karolina Nowaczyk-Tomasik from Pfizer’s branch in Poland defends the company’s position.

The course of the processes may be influenced by the outcome of the ongoing proceedings cases against the European Commission before the Court of Justice of the EU. Last year, the New York Times sued her over her refusal to publish news that Ursula von der Leyen exchanged with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. These may have included details of the terms of the contract. – This may be important for the success of the company’s claims – argues one of our interlocutors. ©℗



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