PIE: Less than half of companies expect a favorable financial situation in 2024.

Luc Williams

PIE conducted research on a representative sample of 1,000 companies of various sizes and industries. It shows that slightly more than half of the companies assessed their financial situation relatively well at the end of 2023.

“51 percent of enterprises considered their financial situation in 2023 to be good or very good. However, less than half of the respondents (47 percent) expect such a favorable situation also in 2024, and for 16 percent, the assessment of the future financial situation is difficult,” PIE reported in the Economic Weekly on Thursday.

According to PIE, last year’s declarations show that one fourth of companies increased their margins in 2023, and one fifth decreased them. A year earlier – according to the PIE report “Margins in Polish enterprises in 2022” – 40 percent surveyed companies increased their margins, but one fifth also decreased them.

“Research from 2023 shows that those companies that declared an increase in margins also assessed their financial situation as the best – as many as 62% believe it is good or very good,” it was reported.

Among the companies that did not change their margins last year, 51 percent declares a good or very good financial situation of his company. Increasing margins was more often declared by representatives of industries related to the real estate market and other service activities (30% each) than by transport companies (10%).

The highest percentage of indications for reducing margins concerned industrial companies (36%) and commercial companies (29%).

The study shows that 73 percent companies from the information and communication industry rated their financial situation in 2023 as good or very good. The results were similar for finance and insurance (67%) and professional, scientific and technical activities (63%). However, every fifth transport company assessed its financial condition last year. as bad or very bad.

The most optimistic predictions regarding the financial condition in 2024 are made by entrepreneurs from the information and communication industry. 68 percent representatives of this sector believe that their financial situation in 2024 will be good or very good. 50 percent think similarly. financial and insurance companies and 59 percent engaged in professional, scientific and technical activities.

The least optimistic are the predictions of companies from the TSL industry (transport, forwarding and logistics) – 23%. of them believe that in 2024 the financial situation of their company will be good or very good, and 24 percent he cannot predict it.

The Polish Economic Institute is a public economic think tank. (PAP)

author: Aneta Oksiuta


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