Poland produces more and more passenger cars (REPORT)

Luc Williams

As reported by the authors of the report of the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM) and KPMG in Poland “Automotive Industry”, the number of registrations of new passenger cars in Poland in 2023 amounted to 475,000, i.e. 13.2 percent. more y/y Individual customers registered 130.6 thousand. new cars – by 7.4 percent more than a year earlier. In turn, institutional clients registered 344.4 thousand last year. cars – by 15.5 percent more than in 2022

Passenger car registrations increased by over 13%.

The study noted that 2023 was a successful year in vehicle registrations in Poland. “Registrations of passenger cars increased by over 13 percent, and slightly smaller increases – a few percent – are observed in the case of delivery cars and trucks,” it was emphasized in Monday’s information.

According to the report, producers of passenger cars of popular brands sold 356.8 thousand cars in Poland last year. vehicles, which means an increase in sales by 10.2%. rdr. 2023 was also a better year for the passenger car segment of premium+ brands, with 118.3 thousand registered. which translated into 23.1 percent. YoY growth

The report shows that in 2023, 612.9 thousand were produced in Poland. motor vehicles. During this time, 308.5 thousand units left Polish factories. delivery vehicles and trucks, which resulted in an increase of 37.9%. y/y. Passenger car production also recorded an increase of 17.3%. y/y.

As indicated in the publication, sales of new passenger cars with alternative drives in 2023 amounted to 217.6 thousand. vehicles, which means an increase of 35.4%. compared to 2022. At that time, institutional clients registered 161.9 thousand. this type of cars, which resulted in an increase of 36.5%. rdr. In turn, individual customers bought 55.7 thousand. new cars of this type – by almost 31%. more than a year earlier.

“Automotive branch”

Quarterly reports “Automotive industry” are based on the latest available registration, statistical and market data. The aim of the studies is to present current trends in the automotive industry in Poland – both on the automotive market, in industrial production and in automotive financial services. The publications are a joint venture of the Polish Automotive Industry Association and KPMG in Poland.

The Polish Automotive Industry Association is the largest Polish organization of employers in the automotive industry, bringing together official importers, representatives of manufacturers and manufacturers of motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and four-wheeled motorcycles, as well as manufacturers of bodies, trailers, semi-trailers and parts, assemblies and elements of motor vehicles intended for the first assembly.

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