“The least they should do is investigate Petro”: they take out, live, the president’s dirty laundry

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro surprised all his followers this weekend, after he published on his Twitter account a message in several languages ​​about an alleged institutional breakdown in Colombia. Likewise, he assured that the Prosecutor’s Office is seeking a “political trial” against him.

“I have heard prominent jurists talking about institutional rupture in the case of the chancellor of the Republic, the first in history to be suspended. I have only hoped that the international delegations coming from the US and the United Nations Security Council will be attended to correctly and that they will hear us“, accurate.

The senator of the Democratic Center Miguel Uribe Turbay spoke exclusively this Monday regarding the statements of the Cordoba president and pointed out that he failed as a ruler.

Likewise, the congressman took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to list all the scandals that his administration has had in less than two years. In addition, he recalled that many of these have been confessed by his own relatives or people close to him.

“It is evident that Gustavo Petro failed as a ruler. It is evident that today he is navigating through a series of scandals, which did not arise from the inventions of the authorities, but rather were concrete complaints from his close circle.of his political bishops and his relatives,” he initially indicated.

Then he declared: “It is clear that it was not only the illegal financing of his campaign and the link with drug traffickers. The least the authorities should do is investigate, but Petro and his people don’t like being investigated.. “There should be no impunity on any side.”

The opposition leader stressed that the only thing President Petro is seeking with these types of messages is to distract citizens to play the victim and wash his hands of the controversies that surround him.

It is worth mentioning that the head of state also made reference in his (Twitter) account to the diligence carried out by the Attorney General’s Office last week in the Colombian Federation of Educators (Fecode) for a contribution of 500 million pesos, to appear irregular, to his 2022 presidential campaign.

“Unions have been raided, torture and pressure have been used on witnesses to have the president accused, and they have not been successful; desperately, drug trafficking sectors, perpetrators of crimes against humanity, corrupt politicians and corrupt sectors of the Prosecutor’s Office seek the removal of the president from the position elected by the people“said the Colombian president.


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