Polish nuclear energy program. MKiŚ: France confirmed its interest

Luc Williams

As indicated in the announcement, on Friday, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Miłosz Motyka met with the high representative of the French government for cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy, Philipp Crouzet.

“Nuclear energy will be an important element of the Polish energy mix as a reliable source of electricity. It will support Poland in replacing decommissioned coal-fired power plants. Moreover, as a flexible and available generation source, nuclear energy will allow for the stable implementation of renewable energy sources,” he said, quoted in the information. Deputy Minister Motyka.

It was written that the French side confirmed its interest in participating in the Polish nuclear energy program in the construction of the second nuclear power plant.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Environmental Protection pointed out that once a potential location is identified, it will have to be carefully analyzed and examined. Only then will decisions on the choice of technology be made.

During the meeting, the benefits of cooperation between economic entities from Poland and France in the implementation of nuclear projects were also highlighted.

Poland and the French side agreed that, given the changing paradigms in European energy policy, everything should be done to create an effective regulatory and political framework that will support investments in nuclear energy in those Member States that see its role in national energy mixes.

“We count on the cooperation and coordination of our administrations and companies (EdF and PEJ) on the EU forum – in contacts with EU institutions, but also in the wider environment of expert institutions, think tanks, industry organizations – to create and consolidate an ecosystem supporting nuclear energy and plans its development,” added Deputy Minister Motyka.

Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe is a company responsible for, among others, for preparing the investment process and acting as an investor in the project of building nuclear power plants with a total installed capacity of approx. 6 to approx. 9 GWe. In January, the company announced that the decision to determine the location for the nuclear power plant in Pomerania in Lubiatowo-Kopalina had obtained final status, which closes the appeal process against the location decision and ends the stage of consideration of the case by public administration bodies.


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