Protest of Polish media. Deputy Prime Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz took the floor

Luc Williams

Protest of Polish media

Publishers and journalists of Polish media – a total of over 350 newspaper titles and local portals, as part of a one-day protest action, on Thursday issued an appeal to politicians to change the copyright and related rights provisions adopted by the Sejm that are unfavourable to the media.

Kosiniak-Kamysz assessed on Thursday on TVP Info that this is a very important appeal and the Ministry of Culture should respond to it as soon as possible. “We expect the Minister of Culture to respond, because it is the ministry responsible for this act,” he emphasized.

When asked about his actions in this matter as Deputy Prime Minister, he replied: we cooperate in the Council of Ministers and we have to rely on someone who prepares the act, so I expect a recommendation from the Minister of Culture.

“I believe that the matter (…) is definitely subject to resolution. There is still the Senate stage, it is worth considering, but the recommendation from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which led the discussion with the creative communities, will be important here,” the deputy prime minister noted. “I would like a response to the media protest. The Ministry of Culture must respond to it as soon as possible,” the head of the Ministry of National Defense repeated.

Media: Our demands were ignored

Publishers and journalists in the appeal they emphasize that during the adoption of the copyright regulations in the digital world, their postulates, the implementation of which they sought, were ignored. “We expected the introduction of mediation instruments between platforms and publishers in the event of a dispute over royalties, compensation for the exposure of content on the network and protection against its copying,” we read.

On Friday, the Sejm passed an amendment to the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, which implements two EP directives into the Polish legal system.

The first of the amendments adopted by the Sejm assumes an increase from three percent to 25 percent of the volume of a work that can be used to illustrate content for teaching purposes or related to conducting scientific activities. The second amendment replaces the phrase “artists and performers” with the words: “creators and performers” and assumes that the creators of the adaptation of “a literary, journalistic, scientific, musical or lyrical-musical work” are also entitled to appropriate remuneration.

The session also included a vote on amendments submitted by the Left, which were intended to protect the interests of journalists and press publishers. However, they did not receive support.

The press today is in danger of being starved by digital giantsthat there will be more journalists’ layoffs” – said Daria Gosek-Popiołek (Left) appealing for the adoption of the amendments. “This act can help all media and can strengthen us, as a society, in our resistance to disinformation” – she emphasized. (PAP)

Author: Olga Łozińska


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