Sawicki: Public media are a place for presenting various views

Luc Williams

In the morning of Catholic radio stations “Siódma-ninth” Sawicki was asked about changes in public media.

He noted that he would not like “PiS television” to be replaced by “platformiana”. “That’s why we will keep a close watch on it PSL and Third Wayto create such a framework and legal conditions for the functioning of public media that they are truly public and there is room for presenting different views, different assessments, and not only the position of one political party,” Sawicki said.

“I remember the times before 1989. There was a system propaganda “was not as perfect as it was in the last 4-5 years, when we no longer had any public media, we only had a propaganda mouthpiece of one party,” said the senior marshal.

Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz at the end of December last year, citing the provisions of the commercial companies law, he dismissed the supervisory boards and presidents of the companies TVP, Polish Radio and PAP and called new ones; then decided to put the companies into liquidation.

January 18 Constitutional Court ruled that the regulations Commercial Companies Code (Ksh) on the dissolution and liquidation of a joint-stock company, understood in such a way that their regulatory scope, by virtue of the Act itself, also covers public television and television units, are unconstitutional. Moreover, in the judgment announced on Thursday, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the provision of the Broadcasting and Television Act excluding certain provisions of the Commercial Companies Code from applying to public radio and television units is unconstitutional.

In response, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage said that the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment regarding public radio and television broadcasting entities had no legal significance. “Judgments issued with the participation of so-called double judges do not have universally binding force and are not final,” it added. (PAP)


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