“She was a person with a lot of power”: Ingrid Betancourt talks about the judicial issues that Piedad Córdoba faced

Luc Williams

The surprising death of Piedad Córdoba, who served as a senator of the Historical Pact, is an issue that generated all kinds of reactions for and against.

Precisely, former senator Ingrid Betancourt was present in the space, who remembered Piedad Córdoba and at one point in the interview referred to the processes with justice that cornered the deceased senator from the Petro Government bench.

This is the complete program with Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio:

After Betancourt was asked why the justice system did not condemn or take Piedad Córdoba to trial, the former senator and also former presidential candidate, began by saying that the deceased senator “He was a person with a lot of power; “He had a lot of influence, he had a lot of contacts, he had a way of putting pressure on people.”

Immediately, Ingrid stated that the process carried out by the Supreme Court of Justice against Piedad was prolonged because the deceased woman, from the Historical Pact, “did everything possible” to make it so.

In the words of the former presidential candidate, Piedad Córdoba knew how to delay her process. “She had filed all the resources,” she added.

Next, Betancourt Pulecio added that the deceased senator was persecuted by the farcpolitics and that this was not simply a friendship. “It was having made decisions that could have affected national security, could have involved receiving illicit money.”

Thus, for the former senator of the Republic and critic of the Petro Government, in the aforementioned and possible illicit organization there would be handling of drugs, weapons, oil and gold. “It’s a of organized crime and Piedad Córdoba was part, let’s say, as a protégé of all this scaffolding”he highlighted.

Before ending this part of the interview, Betancourt questioned what happened with Piedad’s sudden death in the context of the judicial issues he was facing.

“It is very possible that she died of a heart attack, but, in my case, since I have seen so many things in life, I cannot help but think that, suddenly, she (Piedad Córdoba) He knew everything and made a lot of people uncomfortable too. It is likely that we will never know the truth of these events,” added the former presidential candidate in .


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