Orlen has appointed a spokesman for local communities

Luc Williams

“Orlen has appointed a spokesman for local communities. The goal is to have an effective dialogue with the company’s stakeholders. The position has been taken over by Wioletta Urbańska,” the company announced on Thursday. As stated, the purpose of cooperation with local communities is to take into account their needs and to ensure coherence of business goals with environmental and social goals.

The company emphasized that by appointing a spokesman for local communities and implementing a relationship management policy, Orlen wants to “communicate and cooperate with neighbors even better and more effectively.” As noted in the information, from Thursday, via Orlen’s corporate website, in a special section, you can submit your opinions, questions, conclusions and other comments regarding the company’s activities to the spokesman for local communities.

What experience does Wioletta Urbańska have?

“The task of the spokesman for local communities will be to conduct dialogue with local communities and take care of good relations, based on partnership, honesty, respect and trust. I am glad that I will be able to face such an interesting challenge and, above all, I will have the opportunity to directly contact people,” said Wioletta Urbańska, spokesperson for local communities in Orlen, quoted in the release.

According to Orlen, Urbańska “has 25 years of professional experience in building relationships with clients and stakeholders, negotiations and resolving conflicts and disputes. For nearly 15 years she has been a spokesperson for various stakeholder groups, including clients, entrepreneurs, in the business sphere and administration”. Orlen also mentioned that Urbańska graduated from, among others, postgraduate studies in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

The Orlen Group, in accordance with the new sustainable development strategy for 2024-2030, assumes the development of the “Orlen Good Neighbor” program and the verification and unification of the communication system with local communities in all its companies. The company announced that, based on cooperation with the Płock community, it “plans to implement similar processes for managing reports received by Orlen Group companies from residents of the towns where the Group’s production plants are located.”


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